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CostCommand, LLC v. PRS Software Solutions, Inc., et al
as 15-7030
Plaintiff - Appellant: CostCommand, LLC
Defendant - Appellee: PRS Software Solutions, Inc., Full Throttle Films Inc., doing business as Video Equipment Rentals, WH Administrators, Inc. and others
USA v. TDC Management Corporation, et al
as 15-5030
Plaintiff - Appellee: United States of America
Defendant - Appellant: TDC Management Corporation, Inc., T. Conrad Monts
Intervenor - Appellant: Washington Development Group -- A.R.D., Inc.
Washington Regional Medicorp v. Sylvia Burwell
as 14-5330
Plaintiff - Appellant: Washington Regional Medicorp, doing business as Fayetteville City Hospital
Defendant - Appellee: Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Winston & Strawn, LLP v. Crumens Ltd C/O Johnson, et al
as 14-7197
Plaintiff - Appellee: Winston & Strawn, LLP
Defendant - Appellee: Crumens Ltd C/O Johnson & Mclean LLC
Defendant - Appellant: James P. Mclean, Jr.
District Title v. Anita Warren, et al
as 14-7196
Plaintiff - Appellee: District Title, A corporation
Defendant - Appellant: Anita Warren, formerly known as Anita K. Day, Timothy Day
Gail Sweeney Estate Marital Tr v. United States Treasury, et al
as 14-5290
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gail C. Sweeney Estate Marital Trust, derivatively on behalf of FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION
Plaintiff - Appellee: Federal Housing Finance Agency
Defendant - Appellee: United States Treasury, Federal National Mortgage Association, Edward Demarco, in his capacity as Acting Director of FEDERAL HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY and others
Jarrod Beck, et al v. Test Masters Educational Serv
as 14-7181
Plaintiff - Appellee: Jarrod Beck, Keerthi Reddy, Erin Galloway
Defendant - Appellant: Test Masters Educational Services, Inc.
Timothy Naegele v. Deanna Albers, et al
as 14-7176
Plaintiff - Appellant: Timothy D. Naegele
Defendant - Appellee: Deanna J. Albers, Raymond H. Albers, II, Lloyd J. Michaelson and others
Cincinnati Insurance Company v. All Plumbing, Inc., et al
as 14-7151
Plaintiff - Appellee: Cincinnati Insurance Company
Defendant - Appellee: All Plumbing, Inc. Service, Parts, Installation, Kabir Shafik
Defendant - Appellant: FDS Restaurant, Inc.
Type: Contract Insurance
Clifton Bell v. Secretary of Health and Human, et al
as 14-5235
Plaintiff - Appellant: Clifton Odell Bell
Defendant - Appellee: Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-atlantic States, Inc.
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