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Stephen Edwards v. PPH Corporation, et al
as 17-15334
Plaintiff - Appellant: STEPHEN S. EDWARDS, an individual, and as trustee of Super Trust Fund, an Arizona Revocable Trust, u/a June 15, 2001
Defendant - Appellee: PPH CORPORATION, a foreign corporation, AKA PHH Corporation, PPH MORTGAGE, a foreign corporation, PPH MORTGAGE CORPORATION, a foreign corporation, jointly and severally, AKA PHH Mortgage Corporation
Yvonne Fowkes v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co
as 17-15331
Plaintiff - Appellant: YVONNE FOWKES
Type: Contract Insurance
Valerie Sullivan, et al v. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., et al
as 17-15326
Plaintiff - Appellant: VALERIE LEBARON SULLIVAN, GALE LAWRENCE WEBB, named as Gale-Lawrence; Webb, Sui juris
Defendant - Appellee: ROSALIND PHILLIPS, UNKNOWN PARTIES, named as: John and Jane Does 1-50, J.P. MORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., Chase Executive Office
Katrina Steinberger v. Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, et al
as 17-15314
Plaintiff-counter-defendant-3rd-party-defendant - Appellant: KATRINA PERKINS STEINBERGER, individually and as Executor of the Estate of the deceased: estate of Charles A Perkins
Defendant - Appellee: OCWEN LOAN SERVICING LLC, a Limited Liability Company, MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC., a Delaware corporation
Defendant-counter-claim-3rd-party-plaintiff - Appellee: INDYMAC MORTGAGE SERVICES, a division of OneWest Bank FSB - a Federally Chartered Savings Bank, DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, as Trustee for IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust 2005-AR14, Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-AR14 trustee of IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trust 2005-AR14
Third-party-defendant - Appellant: SAGUARO DESERT TRUST
Fidelitad, Inc. v. Insitu, Inc.
as 17-35162
Plaintiff-counter-defendant - Appellant: FIDELITAD, INC., a Washington corporation
Defendant-counter-claimant - Appellee: INSITU, INC., a Washington corporation
Wilshire Manor Apartments, LLC v. State Farm General Insurance, et al
as 17-55216
Plaintiff - Appellant: WILSHIRE MANOR APARTMENTS, LLC., a California limited liability company
Defendant - Appellee: STATE FARM GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY, an Illinois corporation
Defendant: DOES, 1 through 50, Inclusive
Type: Contract Insurance
Sam Williamson, et al v. McAfee, Inc.
as 17-15301
Plaintiff - Appellee: SAM WILLIAMSON, SAMANTHA KIRBY, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated
Objector - Appellant: AMIRALI JABRANI
Defendant - Appellee: MCAFEE, INC.
Praetorian Insurance Co. v. Marshaun Tate, et al
as 17-15303
Plaintiff - Appellee: PRAETORIAN INSURANCE CO.
Defendant - Appellant: MARSHAUN TATE, S.T., guardian ad litem Kenneth Tate, ELISEO QUINTERIO, Sr. and others
Type: Contract Insurance
Robert Cayne, et al v. Washington Trust Bank, et al
as 17-35159
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT CAYNE, RONNIE RIVERA, SEAN RIVERA and others
Defendant - Appellee: WASHINGTON TRUST BANK, Washington corporation, WEST SPRAGUE AVENUE HOLDINGS, LLC, Washington limited liability company
MP Nexlevel of California, Inc v. CVIN, LLC
as 17-15289
Plaintiff - Appellant: MP NEXLEVEL OF CALIFORNIA, INC.
Defendant - Appellee: CVIN, LLC, DBA Vast Networks

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