Cases filed in the Seventh Circuit Courts
Todd v. Chatonda et al
as 1:2019cv02320
Defendant: African Family in Africa, Frank Chatonda, Rosita Chatonda and others
Plaintiff: Ethel Lee Hill Todd
Cause Of Action: Federal Question
Evans v. IDOC et al
as 4:2016cv04196
Plaintiff: Jeremy Evans
Defendant: IDOC, Mark N Williams, Anastasia Weirma and others
Cause Of Action: Prisoner Civil Rights
Abernathy et al v. Chicago
as 1:2012cv00870
Plaintiff: Craig Byrd , Raye Caffey , Dennis Cain and others
Defendant: City of Chicago
Cause Of Action: Civil Rights Act
Twitty v. Evans et al
as 1:2009cv01471
Plaintiff: Andre J. Twitty
Defendant: Terence T. Evans, Michael S. Kanne, Diane P. Wood and others
Cause Of Action: Federal Question

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