Civil Rights Cases filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
Wingate v. Give
as 11-2696
Plaintiff - Appellant: Blake Wingate
Plaintiff-Intervenor: Musa Muhammed, Nathaniel Sackey
Defendant: New York City Department of Corrections, Department of Corrections, Food Services Division, Department of Corrections, AMKC, Dietician and others
Defendant - Appellee: Gives, Correction Officer, 15709 Personally and as an Officer, City of New York, Pauline Mimms, Department of Corrections Grievance Coordinator, GMDC and others
Intervenor: Sean Hamilton
Wright v. Molloy
as 16-4143
Plaintiff: Kyle Baines, Darrell Atkinson, Donold Raynor and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ian Wright
Defendant - Appellee: Scott Semple, he is sued in his official capacity, Henry Falcone, he is sued in his official capacity, Erika Tindill, she is sued in her official capacity and others

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