Other Statutes Cases
Ghalem et al v. Progress Software Company et al
as MA/1:23-CV-12300
Plaintiff: Ghalem, Hadj Ghalem and Martin Foth Willmann
Defendant: Progress Software Company, Ipswitch, Inc. and UMass Chan Medical School
Strucke et al v. Midland Financial Co et al
as OKW/5:23-CV-00782
Plaintiff: Strucke and Darryl Strucke
Defendant: Midland Financial Co, Ipswitch Inc and Progress Software Corporation
Reese et al v. Ipswitch, Inc. et al
as MA/1:23-CV-11610
Plaintiff: Reese
Defendant: Ipswitch, Inc
Pipes v. Ipswitch, Inc. et al
as MA/1:23-CV-11394
Plaintiff: Pipes
Defendant: Ipswitch, Inc

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