Other Statutes Cases
Abarca et al v. Lyft, Inc.
as 3:2018cv07502
Defendant: Lyft, Inc.
Petitioner: Muhammad Abdullah, Dominique Abbott, Marciano Abadilla and others
Cause Of Action: Suit to Compel Arbitration
Hollander v. Garrett
as 17-1719
Plaintiff - Appellant: Roy Den Hollander
Defendant - Appellee: Major Elliott Garrett, CBS News reporter, Katharine Bear Tur, NBC News reporter, Charles David Todd, NBC moderator of Meet the Press and others
Adams et al v. McKesson Corporation et al
as CAN/3:13-cv-03102
Plaintiff: Henry Adams , Norma Aldridge , Elizabeth Alexander and others
Defendant: McKesson Corporation, SmithKline Beecham Corporation
Alleman et al v. BP Exploration & Production Inc. et al
as 2:2013cv02003
Plaintiff: Charles J. Corona , Gregory A. Davis , George Cox and others
Defendant: Transocean Holdings, LLC, Transocean Deepwater, Inc., Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling, Inc. and others
Cause Of Action: - Oil Pollution Act
United States of America v. Burkett
as 11-2288
Appellee USA: United States of America
Defendant: William Burkett, Louis Tomassini, Brian Charleston and others
Defendant - Appellant: Malik Campbell
Mendez, et al v. The Radec Corp., et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 6:2003cv06342
Plaintiff: Patrick Mendez , Jerry T. Griffo, Jr. , Adrenne R. Secor and others
Defendant: The Radec Corporation , Mark Shortino , Raymond Shortino and others
Cause Of Action: Fair Labor Standards Act

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