Cases filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit
Darren Reagan v. Arturo Rendon, et al
as 19-2923
Defendant: Corey Minor, Education Department, FCC Forrest City, John F. Caraway, FBOP/South Central Regional Office, Jason A. Sickler, Regional Counsel, FBOP/South Central Regional Office and others
Defendant / Appellee: Carmillia Chatters, DHO Hearing Officer, FCC-Forrest City (originally named C. Chatters), Arturo Rendon, Counselor, FCC Forrest City
Plaintiff / Appellant: Darren L. Reagan
Cheryl A. Reagan v. Frederick S. Wetzel, III We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 08-6023
Debtor - Appellant: Cheryl Anne Reagan, Cheryl Anne Reagan
Objector - Appellee: Frederick S. Wetzel, III, Trustee, 1919 M Street Associates, L.P., G. Latt Bachelor, Personal Representative of the Estate of Ronald E. Reagan
Jeffrey Johnson v. Barack Obama, et al
as 11-1088
Defendant - Appellee: William J. Clinton, Former President, George W. Bush, Former President, George H.W. Bush, Former President and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: Jeffrey L.G. Johnson, Executor

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