Torts - Injury Cases filed in the Second Circuit Courts
Pugh et al v. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
as 1:2018cv11949
Plaintiff: Karem Rodriguez, Kevin Robinson, Theodore Rusnack and others
Defendant: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Cause Of Action: Antiterrorism & Effective Death Penalty Act 1996
Abarca et al. v. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia et al.
as 1:2017cv03887
Plaintiff: Tiffany Audette, Howard Sterinbach, Jim McLoughlin and others
Defendant: Saudi High Commission for Relief of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Alternative Dispute Resolution (Adr) Provider: John Accetturi, Victor Gorman, Robert Johnson, Sr.
Cause Of Action: Fed. Question: Personal Injury
Alvarez et al v. SmithKline Beecham Corporation et al
as 1:2012cv01287
Plaintiff: James Alvarez, Jr., Salvatore Ambrosiso, Andrew Anderson and others
Defendant: John Does 1 through 3, SmithKline Beecham Corporation
Cause Of Action: Notice of Removal

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