Cases filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
In Re Apple REITs Litigation
as 13-1395
Defendant - Appellee: Apple Suites Realty Group, Inc., Apple Eight Advisors, Inc., David J. Adams and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: William Murray, Stanley Kronberg, Debra Kronberg and others
Plaintiff: DLA Investor Group, Leff Group, Nancy Kowalski and others
In Re: Fannie Mae Securitie
as 12-3859
Plaintiff: John A. Genovese, Robert M. Rollins, Nicholas Crisafi and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston, Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and others
Defendant - Appellee: Stephen B. Ashley, Daniel H. Mudd, Stephen M. Swad and others
United States of America v. Gunter (Campbell)
as 11-5352
Appellee USA: United States of America
Defendant: Ronald Gunter, AKA Randy, Jennifer Bottenfield, Allan Francisco and others
Defendant - Appellant: Christopher Campbell

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