Civil Rights Cases
Johnson et al v. Washington State Conservation Commission et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 3:2018cv05824
Defendant: Perry Beale, Dean Longrie, Sarah Spaeth and others
Plaintiff: Eric Johnson, Richard Mankamyer
Cause Of Action: Federal Question: Other Civil Rights
Yahweh v. Clarke et al
as 1:2018cv01076
Defendant: Ms. Ansah, Foe Two, Dr. Woodrow A. Myers and others
Plaintiff: Yeshua Emanuel Yahweh
Cause Of Action: Prisoner Civil Rights
Ferguson v. City of Chicago Park District et al
as 1:2015cv03014
Plaintiff: Zachary Ferguson
Defendant: City of Chicago Park District, Bryan Traubert, Avis LaVelle and others
Cause Of Action: Conspiracy Against Citizen Rights
Committe to Preserve Voting Rights et al v. Chicago Board of Election Commissioners et al
as 1:2014cv07749
Defendant: Richard Mell, Ray Suarez, Ariel E. Reboyras and others
Plaintiff: Lionel B. Nixon, William K. Crosby, Bruce E. Crosby and others
Cause Of Action: Civil Rights
Type: Civil Rights Voting
Ozga et al v. Elliot et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 3:2012cv00231
Plaintiff: Edward Ozga , Robin Ozga
Defendant: Stephan Elliot , Thomas Porter , Jeremy Busa and others
Cause Of Action: Civil Rights Act
Muhammad v. Chertoff et al
as 2:2008cv00384
Plaintiff: Elijah Muhammad
Defendant: Micheal Chertoff, Deval Patrick, Tim Murray and others
Cause Of Action: Federal Question
Type: Civil Rights None

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