Cases filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
Kastner v. Tri State Eye
as 20-3671
Plaintiff / Appellant: Joseph R.E. Kastner
Defendant: Third Party CIGNA, United States of America, All Represented by the US Attorney through the US Food & Drug Administration, USA et al. through the EEOC, through the "SSAUSA" et al.The US Inspector General,USA et al., United States Department of Health and Human Services and others
Defendant / Appellee: Tri State Eye, et al., Crystal Run Healthcare, Coverys RFG, Inc., is serviced by ProSelect Insurance Company, CRHC REP #1 Mr. Douglas Sansted(Esq. Not LLP) CRHC Rep. #2 Kristen Larson Doyle(Esq Not LLP) Jeffrey Feldman Doyle(Esq not LLP) are all reps of FKC&S CRHC exclusiv, Feldman, Kleidman, Coffey & Sappe, Attorneys at Law FKC&S Rep #1 Kristen Larsen Doyle (Esq Not LLP) are all Reps of FKC&S CRHC Exclusively Esqs. and others
Plaintiff: Jane and John Doe 1-20, Personal Injury / Pain Suffering, Emotional Physical Psychological Distress Litigation, and Lost Income of 32 Years Past, Present and Future, Civil Rights, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Civil Rights with High Prejudice
Shallow v. New York State
as 13-2324
Plaintiff - Appellant: Sean S. Shallow
Defendant - Appellee: New York State, City Human Rights Commission, Health & Human Services and others
Tull v. New York City Housing Authorit
as 16-3609
Plaintiff - Appellant: Rosalinda Tull
Defendant - Appellee: New York City Housing Authority
Defendant: New York City Housing Authority-Penn-Wortman Houses Management Office, Edith Atkins-John, Manager, Francia Astudillo, Housing Assistant and others
Martinez v. Queens County District Attorne
as 14-907
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gilbert M. Martinez
Defendant - Appellee: Queens County District Attorney, (ADA Debra Pomodor), Kings County District Attorney, New York City Police Department, (Narcotics Division) and others

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