Other Statutes Cases
Jehu Hand v. Steven Merlak, et al
as 20-16410
Petitioner / Appellant: JEHU HAND
Respondent / Appellee: STEVEN MERLAK, Warden, HUGH J. HURWITZ, Acting BOP Director
Clyde Pontefract v. USA, et al
as 20-3064
Defendant / Appellee: STEVEN MERLAK, Warden, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NICK FERGUNSON, Food Administrator
Plaintiff / Appellant: CLYDE PONTEFRACT
Ishmael Wahid v. Steven Merlak
as 19-3851
Petitioner / Appellant: ISHMAEL A. WAHID
Respondent / Appellee: STEVEN MERLAK, Warden
Keelan Harris v. FBOP, et al
as 19-3585
Plaintiff / Appellant: KEELAN HARRIS
Defendant / Appellee: LT. CRAIG BRINKER, J.L. NORWOOD, Former Regional Director, Northeast Region, In His Individual and Official Capacity, BILL STORY, Associate Warden FCI Elkton, In His Individual and Official Capacity and others
Defendant: FBOP
In re: Dajuan Wren
as 16-1814
Petitioner: In re: DAJUAN LAMARR WREN
Respondent: STEVEN MERLAK, Warden

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