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In Re Georges Marciano
as 2:2015cv00444
Claimant: Art Pack, Inc.
Objector: Creditors Committee, David Gottlieb
In Re Debtor: In Re Georges Marciano
Lydian LLC et al v. Choo et al
as 4:2015cv00195
Plaintiff: Lydian LLC , Lydian II LLC
Defendant: H David Choo, Graham Seel, Ichthus SF LLC and others
Cause Of Action: Notice of Appeal re Bankruptcy Matter (BAP)
Agha v. United States of America, et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 1:2015cv00042
Plaintiff: Salma H. Agha
Defendant: United States of America
Trustee: Office of the U.S. Trustee (Frs)
Cause Of Action: Motion for Withdrawal of Reference
In Re: Treasures, Inc.
as 3:2015cv00034
Defendant: Leonard J. Ackerman
Plaintiff: Stanley Furniture, Inc.
Cause Of Action: Motion for Withdrawal of Reference
In Re Debtor: Henry Isaac Bushkin
as 2:2014cv09386
ThirdParty Defendant: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, Co., Bruce Singer, Singer Financial Corporation
Defendant: David A. Gill
Counter Claimant: David A. Gill
ThirdParty Plaintiff: David A. Gill
Plaintiff: Henry Isaac Bushkin
In Re Debtor: Henry Isaac Bushkin
Counter Defendant: Henry Isaac Bushkin
as 2:2014cv09197
In Re Debtor: Test Title
Defendant: Test Party 2
Plaintiff: Test Party 1
Dish Network LLC et al v. Hector Castillo
as 2:2014cv09055
Plaintiff: EchoStar Technologies LLC, Dish Network LLC, NagraStar LLC
Defendant: Hector Castillo
In Re Debtor: Hector Castillo
Asher et al
as 2:2014cv09059
Movant: Eliyahu Cohen, Ilan Asher
In re: Meir Asher
as 2:2014cv09072
Defendant: East 81st, LLC, Eliyahu Cohen, Ilan Asher
Plaintiff: Wesley H. Avery
In Re Debtor: Meir Asher
In re: Shou Tung Wang
as 5:2014cv05155
Appellant: Cook Collection Attorneys , David J. Cook , China Export Finance Limited
Appellee: Shou Tung Wang
Cause Of Action: Motion for Withdrawal of Reference
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