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Marcel Fashions Group, Inc v. Lucky Brand Dungarees, Inc
as 17-361
Plaintiff - Appellant: Marcel Fashions Group, Incorporated
Defendant - Appellee: Lucky Brand Dungarees, Incorporated, Lucky Brand Dungarees Stores, Incorporated, Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. and others
Defendant: Liz Claiborne, Incorporated, LBD Acquisition Company, LLC
Creazioni Artistiche Musicali, v. Carlin America, Inc.
as 17-266
Plaintiff - Appellant: Creazioni Artistiche Musicali, S.r.l.
Defendant - Appellee: Carlin America, Inc., Edward B. Marks Music Company
Defendant: John Does 1-10
Secured Worldwide, LLC v. Kinney
as 17-198
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellee: Secured Worldwide, LLC
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellant: Cormac Kinney
Defendant: Arthur Joseph Lipton, Mark Lieberman, Jay C. Plourde
Buttner v. RD Palmer Enterprises, Inc.
as 16-4297
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellant: Brian R. Buttner, individually and, DBA Applied Design Research Associates
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellee: Rich and Gardner Construction Company, Incorporated
Defendant - Appellee: RD Palmer Enterprises, Incorporated, Richard Palmer, Dunn & Sgromo Engineers, PLLC
Defendant: Robert Charles Abbott, Jr.
PPC Broadband, Inc. v. Corning Optical Communication
as 16-4106
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellee: PPC Broadband, Inc., DBA PPC, FKA John Mezzalingua Associates, Inc
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellant: Corning Optical Communications RF, LLC
Smith v. Elm City Freddy Fixer Parade
as 16-4104
Plaintiff - Appellant: Maurice W. Smith
Defendant - Appellee: Elm City Freddy Fixer Parade, Et. al., City of New Haven, Et. al., Jackie James, Et. al. and others
Kousnsky v. Amazon.Com, Inc.
as 16-4014
Plaintiff - Appellant: Isack Kousnsky
Defendant - Appellee: Pyramid America
Defendant: Amazon.Com, Inc., eBay Inc., Art.Com Inc.
Horowitz v. 148 South Emerson Associates,
as 16-3912
Plaintiff: Mark Horowitz
Plaintiff - Appellant: Montauk U.S.A., LLC
Defendant - Appellee: 148 South Emerson Associates LLC
Manchanda v. Google
as 16-3878
Plaintiff - Appellant: Rahul Manchanda
Defendant - Appellee: Google, Yahoo! Inc., Microsoft Corporation and others
Klipsch Group, Inc. v. Big box Store Limited
as 16-3726
Plaintiff: ABC
Plaintiff - Appellant: Klipsch Group, Inc.
Defendant - Appellee: EPRO E-Commerce Limited, DBA DealExtreme, DBA Dealextreme.com, DBA DX, DBA Dx.com
Defendant: DEF, Big Box Store Limited, DBA Bigboxstore.com, DBA Bigboxsave.com, Zhongren Cao, DBA United Pacific Connections Company, DBA Atechport.com, DBA Wirelessspycamera.biz and others

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