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Miller v. City of Ithaca, New York
as 19-675
Defendant: Tompkins County, New York, Jeffery Huddle, President of the Ithaca Police Benevolent Association, Inc., Scott Garin, in his individual and official capacity as a Sergeant with the City of Ithaca Police Department and others
Defendant / Appellant: Edward Vallely, in his individual and official capacity as Chief of Police, John Barber, in his individual and official capacity as Deputy Chief of Police, City of Ithaca, New York and others
Plaintiff / Appellee: Christopher Miller
Bujaj v. Barr
as 19-672
Petitioner: Vjollca Bujaj, AKA Vjolica Bujaj
Respondent: William P. Barr, United States Attorney General
United States of America v. Carpenter
as 19-674
Defendant / Appellant: Daniel Carpenter
Defendant: Wayne Bursey
Undetermined: United States of America
Forbes v. United States of America
as 19-656
Respondent: United States of America
Petitioner: Dennis Forbes
Welenc v. Matyszczyk
as 19-669
Plaintiff / Appellant: Jan Welenc
Defendant / Appellee: Bozena Krajewska-Pielarz, Malgorzata Czajkowska, Director Edward Pierwola and others
United States of America v. Recio Rivera
as 19-668
Undetermined: United States of America
Defendant / Appellant: Wilfredo Recio Rivera, AKA Jose D. Torres, AKA Julio Caesar
Ema Garp Fund, L.P. v. Banro Corporation
as 19-662
Defendant / Appellee: Banro Corporation, John A. Clarke
Plaintiff / Appellant: Ema Garp Fund, L.P., Lawrence Lepard
Ghouneim v. New York City Department of Ho, et al
as 19-658
Defendant / Appellee: African American Planning Commissions Inc., New York City Department of Homeless Services
Plaintiff / Appellant: Debbie A. Ghouneim
Victor v. Connecticut
as 19-660
Defendant / Appellee: State of Connecticut, Robert E. Byron
Plaintiff / Appellant: Richardson Victor
Green v. Venettozzi
as 19-671
Defendant / Appellee: C. Atkinson, Upstate Registered Nurse, D. Venettozzi, Acting as Special Housing/Inmate Disciplinary Program Director for Department of Corrections and Community Supervisiion ("DOCCS"), R. Blair, DOCCS Regional Health Services Administrator ("RHSA") and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Shawn Green
Defendant: John/Jane Doe, S. Danforth, Upstate Administrative Deputy, DOCCS Central Office Review Committee, "CORC" and others

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