U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Labor Cases

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National Football League Manag v. National Football League Playe
as 17-3510
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellee: National Football League Management Council
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellant: National Football League Players Association
Babino v. Gesualdi
as 17-3444
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael Babino, Individually
Defendant - Appellee: Thomas Gesualdi, Joseph Ferrara, Sr., Louis Bisignano and others
Greathouse v. JHS Security Inc.
as 17-3383
Plaintiff - Appellant: Darnell Greathouse
Defendant - Appellee: JHS Security Inc., Melvin Wilcox
Yu v. Hasaki Restaurant, Inc.
as 17-3388
Plaintiff - Appellee: Mei Xing Yu, individual, on behalf of all other employees similarly situated
Defendant: John Doe and Jane Doe 1-10
Defendant - Appellant: Hasaki Restaurant, Inc., Shuji Yagi, Kunitsugu Nakata and others
Gamero v. Koodo Sushi Corp.
as 17-3356
Plaintiff - Appellant: Israel Gamero, Norberto Mastranzo, Oscar Sanchez, Individually, on behalf of others similarly situated
Defendant - Appellee: Koodo Sushi Corp., DBA Koodo Sushi, Michelle Koo
Defendant: Raymond Koo
Sawabini v. O'Connor Hospital
as 17-3389
Plaintiff - Appellant: Lutfallah T. Sawabini
Defendant - Appellee: Edward McGrath, Harold Southworth, Chief Security Agent, Mary McCarthy, Registered Nurse and others
Defendant: O'Connor Hospital, New York State Division of Human Rights, Victor DeAmelia and others
McAllister v. Quick Park
as 17-3333
Plaintiff - Appellant: Morris McAllister
Defendant - Appellee: Quick Park, Teamsters Local 917
Ham v. Sushi Maru Express
as 17-3208
Plaintiff - Appellant: Seong Soo Ham, Eun Yong Lee, for themselves and for all others similarly situated
Appellant: Michael S. Kimm, Kimm Law Firm
Defendant - Appellee: Sushi Maru Express Corp., Kevin Kim, Hak Jae Lim and others
Chen v. Kyoto Sushi, Inc.
as 17-3188
Plaintiff - Appellant: Shang Zhong Chen
Defendant - Appellee: Kyoto Sushi, Inc., DBA Kyoto Sushi, Asquared Group, Inc., DBA Kyoto Sushi, Andy Lee

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