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Hernandez v. Bella Notte of Syosset Inc.
as 23-1309
Plaintiff / Appellee: Jose Hernandez and Mercedes Contreras
Defendant: Bella Notte of Syosset Inc., Richard Muliere and Carlos Coreas
Defendant / Appellant: Leticio Antonio Molina
Abouelmakarem v. MDNMA INC.
as 23-1256
Plaintiff / Appellee: Nader Abouelmakarem
Defendant / Appellant: MDNMA INC., DBA 6th Avenue Gifts, MSSMINJA INC., DBA Gifts on Sixth, Mahmoud Mustafa, Individually and others
Perez v. Escobar Construction, Inc.
as 23-1240
Plaintiff: Aaron Townsend, Martin Galvan Guevara, Oscar Garza and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Marco Antonio Perez Perez, on their own behalf and on behalf of others similarly situated and Jose Eduardo Sanchez Arias, on their own behalf and on behalf of others similarly situated
Defendant / Appellee: Escobar Construction, Inc., Nations Construction, Inc., JRS Services, LLC and others
Defendant: Jhony A Escobar, Elias O Palacios, AKA Elias Escobar, Natalie Palacios and others
Valsamakis v. Notias
as 23-952
Plaintiff / Appellee: Pantelis Valsamakis
Defendant: Kalliopi Notias, Stavros Notias, 369/371 Realty LLC and others
Defendant / Appellant: Carol Notias
Faistman Royce v. Sunny's Limousine Service, Inc.
as 23-840
Plaintiff / Appellant: Rolando Faistman Royce
Defendant / Appellee: Sunny's Limousine Service, Inc., DBA Sunny's Limousine Service, Inc., DBA Sunnylimo.com, DBA Sunnylimos.com, DBA Luxorlimo.com, Shafqat Chaudhry, Gerry Luqman and others
Cho v. Osaka Zen Spa
as 23-813
Plaintiff / Appellee: So Young Cho
Defendant: Osaka Zen Spa, Boksil Paula Lee, In her individual and official capacity, Joshia Lee, In his individual and official capacity and others
Defendant / Appellant: Nan Hi Lee, in her individual and official capacity
Mejia Lima v. Napoli
as 23-744
Plaintiff / Appellant: Werner Mejia Lima
Counter Claimant: Marie Napoli and Paul Napoli
Weingeist v. Tropix Media and Entertainment
as 23-505
Plaintiff / Appellee: Rachel Weingeist, individually and on behalf of all other persons similarly situated who were employed by Tropix Media & Entertainment and Tropix Holdings LLC and Tropix Inc.
3Rd Party Defendant: Pickled Punk Sublease LLC and Perera & Company LLC
Defendant: Tayme Cespedes, Javier Rodriguez, Tania Milan and others
Defendant / Appellant: Tropix Media and Entertainment, Tropix Holdings LLC, Tropix Inc. and others
Guthrie v. Rainbow Fencing Inc
as 23-350
Plaintiff / Appellant: Robert Guthrie
Defendant / Appellee: Rainbow Fencing Inc and Lawson Burge
Li v. Jling Inc.
as 23-335
Plaintiff / Appellee: Decheng Li, on behalf of themselves and others similarly situated and Junjiang Ji
Defendant / Appellant: Jling Inc., DBA Showa Hibachi, Jannen of America, Inc., DBA Showa Hibachi, John Zhong E Hu and others

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