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Chen v. Kyoto Sushi, Inc.
as 17-3188
Plaintiff - Appellant: Shang Zhong Chen
Defendant - Appellee: Kyoto Sushi, Inc., DBA Kyoto Sushi, Asquared Group, Inc., DBA Kyoto Sushi, Andy Lee
Spano v. V & J National Enterprises, LL
as 17-3055
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellee: Daniel Spano
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellant: V & J National Enterprises, LLC, V & J United Enterprises, LLC, V & J Holding Companies, Inc.
Bedasie v. Mr. Z. Towing, Inc.
as 17-2922
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellee: Vijay Bedasie, Ruddy Diaz, Jose Rosario
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellant: Mr. Z. Towing, Inc., Frank Andriopoulos
Defendant-Counter-Claimant: Helen Mustakas
Tapia v. Blch 3rd Ave LLC
as 17-2718
Plaintiff - Appellant: Valentin Tapia, Romulo Ricano Balderas, Eufemia Castillo, individually and on behalf of others similarly situated
Defendant - Appellee: Blch 3rd Ave LLC, DBA Brick Lane Curry House, Ajit Bains, Satinder Sharma
Lopez Catzin v. Thank You & Good Luck Corp.
as 17-2497
Plaintiff - Appellant: Lucia Lopez Catzin, individually on behalf of others similarly situated, Silvia Villano Clemente, Yadira Aguilar-Cano
Defendant - Appellee: Thank You & Good Luck Corp., Zeng Lan Wang, Off-Broadway Laundromat Inc. and others
Munoz-Gonzalez v. D.L.C. Limousine Service, Inc.
as 17-2438
Plaintiff - Appellant: Alejandro Munoz-Gonzalez, on behalf of himself, individually, on behalf of all others similarly situated, Danual Martin, Thomas Acheampong and others
Defendant - Appellee: D.L.C. Limousine Service, Inc., Chris Thornton, individually, John D'Agostino, D'Agostino and others
Valle v. Gordon Chen's Kitchen LLC
as 17-2332
Plaintiff - Appellee: Alejandro Valle, Edgar Cid, Individually; on behalf of others similarly situated, AKA Daniel Lopez
Defendant - Appellant: Gordon Chen's Kitchen LLC, DBA Hakata Grill, Mac-War Rest. Corp., DBA Hakata Grill, Sol Orbuch and others
Choi v. Sushi Maru Express Corp.
as 17-2223
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dae Sub Choi
Defendant - Appellee: Sushi Maru Express Corp., Sushi Nara, Komolo, Inc and others
Lopez v. Pichardo 2230 Restaurant Corp
as 17-2058
Plaintiff - Appellant: Antonio Lopez, Individually & on behalf of others similarly situated
Defendant - Appellee: Pichardo 2230 Restaurant Corporation, DBA Caridad Restaurant, Lazaro Pichardo, Ruben Pichardo
Azkour v. Little Rest Twelve, Inc.
as 17-2082
Plaintiff-Cross-Defendant - Appellant: Hicham Azkour
Defendant - Appellee: Little Rest Twelve, Inc.
Defendant: Ajna Bar, Nina Zajic, David Kay and others

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