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Antoine Winn v. Frank Bova, et al
as 17-3551
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANTOINE WINN
Defendant - Appellee: FRANK BOVA, Sheriff, CHRISTOPHER, Sergeant, FITZPATRICK, Sergeant and others
Tommy Jones v. Bernard Clement, et al
as 17-5591
Plaintiff - Appellant: TOMMY EARL JONES
Defendant - Appellee: BERNARD CLEMENT, M.D., AMY BOWEN, N.P., GEORGIA CROWELL, H.C.A. and others
John Grega v. Cuyahoga County, et al
as 17-3529
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN GREGA
Defendant - Appellee: CUYAHOGA COUNTY, CLIFF PINKNEY, in his individual and official capacity, STATE OF OHIO and others
Duane Berry v. Craig Daly, et al
as 17-1584
Plaintiff - Appellant: DUANE LETROY BERRY
Defendant - Appellee: CRAIG A. DALY, DAVID M. LAWSON
Michael Shavers v. Lavern Sharp, et al
as 17-1573
Plaintiff - Appellant: MICHAEL SHAVERS
Defendant - Appellee: LAVERN SHARP, Deputy Warden, UNKNOWN PARISH, Lieutenant, JEFFREY CLOUSE, Lieutenant and others
Antrell Brown v. D. Supps, et al
as 17-1568
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANTRELL V. BROWN
Defendant - Appellee: D. SUPPS, MARSHAUN ROBINSON, M. VROMAN and others
Jeremy Gallant v. Faisal Ahmed, et al
as 17-3511
Plaintiff - Appellant: JEREMY P. GALLANT
Defendant - Appellee: FAISAL AHMED, MONA PARKS, HAWKINS and others
Troy Tarter v. Kentucky State Reformatory, et al
as 17-5550
Plaintiff - Appellant: TROY TARTER
Defendant - Appellee: KENTUCKY STATE REFORMATORY, AARON SMITH, CASEY DOWDEN, Correction Officer and others
Author Turner v. Dan Weikal, et al
as 17-5551
Plaintiff - Appellant: AUTHOR RAY TURNER
Defendant - Appellee: DAN WEIKAL, Administrator of CJC, K. COX, Director of Operations - Hill Detention Center, GRANVISSE EARL-YOUNG, Program Manager and others
Robert Annabel, II v. Jorg Erichsen, et al
as 17-1542
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT ANNABEL, II
Defendant - Appellee: JORG ERICHSEN, BROWN, Warden, Corrections Officer, ANTWAN ODEN, Corrections Officer and others
Defendant: [UNKNOWN] ROBBINSON, Corrections Officer

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