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O&S Trucking, Inc. v. Mercedes Benz Financial Serv.
as 15-2048
Debtor: In re: O&S Trucking, Inc.
Appellant: O&S Trucking, Inc.
Appellee: Mercedes Benz Financial Services USA, doing business as Daimler Truck Financial
Matthew Peet, et al v. James Checkett
as 15-2040
Debtor: In re: Matthew Richard Peet, Marilynn Louise Peet
Appellant: Matthew Richard Peet, Marilynn Louise Peet
Appellee: James Kevin Checkett
Stephen Wayne Carlson v. Minnesota DEED, et al
as 15-1603
Plaintiff - Appellant: Stephen Wayne Carlson, I
Defendant - Appellee: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Commissioner Katie Clark Sieben, in Official Capacity, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, in Official Capacity
Eldon Bugg, et al v. Cyril Gray
as 15-1345
Debtor: In re: Cyril M. Gray
Appellant: Eldon K. Bugg, Danny Bugg
Appellee: Cyril M. Gray
Starion Financial v. Stephen McCormick, et al
as 15-1160
Debtor: In re: Stephen D. McCormick, also known as Steve D. McCormick, Karen A. McCormick
Appellee: Starion Financial
Appellant: Stephen D. McCormick, Karen A. McCormick
Kathryn Nielsen v. ACS, Inc., et al
as 14-3584
Debtor: In re: Erik Nielsen, Kathryn R Nielsen, Erik Nielsen and others
Appellant: Kathryn R Nielsen, Kathryn R Nielsen
Appellee: ACS, Inc., Educational Credit Management Corporation, Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation and others
Jill Jacoway v. Arvest Bank
as 14-3546
Debtor: In re: Robert Griffith, Julia Griffin
Appellant: Jill R. Jacoway, Trustee
Appellee: Arvest Bank
John Larson, III v. Cindy Foster, et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 14-3402
Debtor: In re: Cindy Foster
Appellant: John A. Larson, III
Appellee: Cindy Foster, Bruce L. Stephens
In the Matter of Kathy A. Cruz
as 14-1665
Debtor: In re: Jonathan Michael Young, also known as Jon Young
: Jonathan Michael Young, Kristalynn Young
Appellant: Kathy A. Cruz
Bryan Behrens v. United State We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 14-1575
Debtor: In re: Bryan S. Behrens
Appellant: Bryan S. Behrens
Appellee: United States of America
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