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Carlos Patino-Restrepo v. DOJ, et al
as 17-5143
Plaintiff - Appellant: Carlos Arturo Patino-Restrepo
Defendant - Appellee: United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Executive Office for United States Attorneys and others
Ryan Shapiro v. DOJ
as 17-5122
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ryan Noah Shapiro
Defendant - Appellee: United States Department of Justice
Jefferson Morley v. CIA
as 17-5114
Plaintiff - Appellant: Jefferson Morley
Defendant - Appellee: Central Intelligence Agency
Pablo Calderon v. AGRI
as 17-5088
Plaintiff - Appellee: Pablo Calderon
Defendant - Appellant: United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service
Anthoine Plunkett v. John and Jane Doe, et al
as 17-5087
Plaintiff - Appellant: Anthoine Plunkett
Defendant - Appellee: John and Jane Doe, Agents of the United States and Executive Office for the United States Attorneys, Department of Justice, United States Department of Justice
Juan Ocasio v. MSPB
as 17-5085
Plaintiff - Appellant: Juan Carlos Ocasio
Defendant - Appellee: Merit Systems Protection Board
Judicial Watch, Inc. v. TREA
as 17-5064
Plaintiff - Appellant: Judicial Watch, Inc.
Defendant - Appellee: United States Department of the Treasury
Adele Podgorny v. Ryan McMonagle, et al
as 17-5056
Plaintiff - Appellant: Adele Podgorny
Defendant - Appellee: Ryan O. McMonagle, Caroline Ciraolo-Klepper, Michael J. Martineau and others
Norma Deorio v. Caroline Ciraolo-Klepper, et al
as 17-5057
Plaintiff - Appellant: Norma A. Deorio
Defendant - Appellee: Caroline Ciraolo-Klepper, Ryan O. McMonagle, Michael J. Martineau and others
Gary Dwaileebe v. Michael Martineau, et al
as 17-5058
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gary Dwaileebe
Defendant - Appellee: Michael J. Martineau, Personally, Caroline Ciraolo-Klepper, Personally, Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service and others

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