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Cases 1 - 10 of 13,484
In re: Matthew LeFande
as 17-5212
In Re - Petitioner: In re: Matthew August LeFande
James Vandivere, et al v. Jeff Sessions, et al
as 17-5211
Plaintiff - Appellant: James Dow Vandivere, Jon Karl Thompson
Defendant - Appellee: Loretta E. Lynch, Eric H. Holder, Jr., Thomas R. Kane, Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and others
USA v. Alicia Norman
as 17-3070
Plaintiff - Appellee: United States of America
Defendant - Appellant: Alicia Norman
USA v. Haji Bagcho
as 17-3069
Plaintiff - Appellee: United States of America
Defendant - Appellant: Haji Bagcho, also known as Haji Bagh Chagul, also known as Haji Bagchagul
Dennis Ball v. Maricopa County, et al
as 17-5210
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dennis Andrew Ball
Defendant - Appellee: Maricopa County, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, John Does 1-X and others
In re: Kristan Peters-Hamlin
as 17-8518
In Re - Respondent: In re: Kristan Peters-Hamlin
Anna Zolotareva v. Cmsnr. IRS
as 17-1207
Petitioner - Appellant: Anna V. Zolotareva
Respondent - Appellee: Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service
Vanessa Holloway v. Howard University, et al
as 17-7134
Plaintiff - Appellant: Vanessa Holloway
Defendant - Appellee: Howard University, Daryl Scott, Edna Medford and others
USA v. TDC Management Corporation,, et al
as 17-5209
Plaintiff - Appellee: United States of America
Defendant - Appellee: TDC Management Corporation, Inc., T. Conrad Monts
Intervenor - Appellant: Washington Development Group -- A.R.D., Inc.
In re: Joseph Fingliss, Jr.
as 17-8517
In Re - Respondent: In re: Joseph P. Fingliss, Jr.

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