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Cooper Hospital, et al v. Sylvia Burwell
as 16-5211
Plaintiff - Appellant: Cooper Hospital University Medical Center, Hackensack University Medical Center, Deborah Heart & Lung Center and others
Defendant - Appellee: Sylvia Mathews Burwell, in her official capacity as Secretary, Department of Health & Human Services
Plaintiff v. Defendant
as 16-7090
Plaintiff - Appellant: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Defendant - Appellee: Plaintiff v. Defendant and others
Christopher Barksdale v. USA, et al
as 16-5212
Plaintiff - Appellant: Christopher Scott Barksdale
Defendant - Appellee: United States of America, Stuart F. Delery, John D. Bates and others
USA v. Patrick Yansane
as 16-3085
Plaintiff - Appellee: United States of America
Defendant - Appellant: Patrick M. Yansane
USA v. Lonnell Glover
as 16-3086
Plaintiff - Appellee: United States of America
Defendant - Appellant: Lonnell Glover
Sigfredo Miranda v. United States Government
as 16-5207
Plaintiff - Appellant: Sigfredo Miranda
Defendant - Appellee: United States Government
James Roudabush, Jr. v. Charles Samuels, Jr., et al
as 16-5209
Plaintiff - Appellant: James Lester Roudabush, Jr.
Defendant - Appellee: Charles E. Samuels, Jr., Joe Norwood, J. Hollingsworth and others
Roy Hudspeth v. DOJ, et al
as 16-5210
Plaintiff - Appellant: Roy J. Hudspeth
Defendant - Appellee: United States Department of Justice, Known and Unknown Individual Officers of the Federal Courts
Surf Moore v. DOJ, et al
as 16-5208
Plaintiff - Appellant: Surf Moore
Defendant - Appellee: United States Department of Justice, C.F. Moore Construction Co.
In re: Naibeye Koumbairia
as 16-3088
In Re - Petitioner: In re: Naibeye Koumbairia, also known as Natbeye Koumbairia, also known as Bee, also known as Brian Couilably, also known as Naibeye Koombairia, also known as Bri Couilbaly, also known as Naibeye Emmanuel Koumbairia

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