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Genesis Marine, LLC of Delaware v. Hornbeck Offshore Services, LLC
as 2:2017cv06763
Plaintiff: Genesis Marine, LLC of Delaware
Defendant: Hornbeck Offshore Services, LLC
Cause Of Action: Marine Contract
Archer Daniels Midland Company et al v. Research Fumigation Co., LLC et al
as 2:2017cv06511
Defendant: Research Fumigation Co., LLC, Imperium Insurance Company
Plaintiff: Archer Daniels Midland Company , ADM Export Company , ADM International SARL
Cause Of Action: Marine Contract
Type: Contract Marine
United Community Bank v. Baseline Explorer M/V et al
as 2:2017cv06190
Plaintiff: United Community Bank
Defendant: Baseline Explorer M/V
Cause Of Action: Admiralty
DeepCor Marine, Inc. v. Offshore Specialty Fabricators, LLC, et al
as 2:2017cv05724
Plaintiff: Deepcor Marine Inc.
Defendant: Offshore Specialty Fabricators, LLC , William Kallop D/B, Swing Thompson D/B
Cause Of Action: Marine Contract
Type: Contract Marine
AIG Property Casualty Company et al v. Crosby Dredging, LLC et al
as 2:2017cv05718
Plaintiff: AIG Property Casualty Company , Jonathan Pinell
Defendant: Crosby Dredging, LLC, Dredge Caroline Frances
Cause Of Action: Admiralty
Type: Contract Marine
Marmac LLC v. Double Aught Construction, LLC
as 2:2017cv05577
Plaintiff: Marmac LLC
Defendant: Double Aught Construction, LLC
Cause Of Action: Cause Code Unknown
Type: Contract Marine
Kevin Gros Offshore, LLC v. JCH Marine, L.L.C.
as 2:2017cv04082
Plaintiff: Kevin Gros Offshore, LLC
Defendant: JCH Marine, L.L.C.
Cause Of Action: Declaratory Judgment
Type: Contract Marine
Central Dispatch, Inc. v. William Kallop DB et al
as 2:2017cv03458
Plaintiff: Central Dispatch, Inc.
Defendant: William Kallop D/B, Swing Thompson D/B, Offshore Specialty Fabricators, LLC
Cause Of Action: Federal Maritime Lien Act
Type: Contract Marine
Praxis Energy Agents PTE, Ltd. v. Qing Quan Shan M/V
as 2:2017cv03390
Plaintiff: Praxis Energy Agents PTE, Ltd.
Defendant: Qing Quan Shan M/V
Cause Of Action: Breach of Maritime Contract
Type: Contract Marine
Exploraciones Y Perforadora Central, S.A. De C.V. v. Axxis Drilling, Inc.
as 2:2017cv02833
Plaintiff: Exploraciones y Perforadora Central, S.A. de C.V.
Defendant: Axxis Drilling, Inc.
Cause Of Action: Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award
Type: Contract Marine

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