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Reaction Washer v. IDEPA et al
as 2:2019cv00148
Defendant: Johannes Schneeberger, IDEPA
Plaintiff: Reaction Washer
Cause Of Action: Federal Tort Claims Act
Argon Technologies v. SC Chillax Store SRL et al
as 1:2019cv00006
Defendant: Radu Adumitresi, SC Chillax Store
Plaintiff: Argon Technologies
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Gracenote v. Sorenson Media
as 2:2018cv00959
Defendant: Sorenson Media
Plaintiff: Gracenote
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Happy Baby et al v. Sakura Bloom LLC
as 2:2018cv00960
Defendant: Sakura Bloom LLC
Plaintiff: Happy Baby, Mary Elizabeth Young
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Skywalker Holdings v. Vuly Trampolines Pty LTD et al
as 1:2018cv00164
Defendant: Vuly USA Operations, Vuly Trampolines, Vuly Trampolines Pty LTD
Plaintiff: Skywalker Holdings
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Simio v. Flexsim Software Products
as 2:2018cv00853
Defendant: Flexsim Software Products
Plaintiff: Simio
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Guymon v. Litsey
as 2:2018cv00850
Defendant: Douglas Scott Litsey
Plaintiff: John Lewis Guymon, Jr.
Cause Of Action: Declaratory Judgment
Definitive Holdings v. Powerteq
as 2:2018cv00844
Plaintiff: Definitive Holdings
Defendant: Powerteq
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
RK Solutions et al v. Vox Nutrition
as 2:2018cv00828
Plaintiff: RK Solutions, VND Butyrate
Defendant: Vox Nutrition
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Hyper Scratcher v. 4B Production Enhancement et al
as 2:2018cv00826
Defendant: Robert Ballou, Brian Ballou, 4B Production Enhancement and others
Plaintiff: Hyper Scratcher
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement

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