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Snaprays v. Aluratek et al
as 2:2017cv00220
Plaintiff: Snaprays
Defendant: Aluratek, Enstant Technology, Vistek Technology
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
B&D Dental v. International Dental Solution
as 2:2017cv00119
Plaintiff: B&D Dental
Defendant: International Dental Solution
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Medical Priority Consultants, Inc. et al v. VitalClick
as 2:2017cv00116
Plaintiff: Medical Priority Consultants, Inc. , Jeffrey J. Clawson
Defendant: VitalClick
Cause Of Action: (a) False representation of goods sold in interstate commerce
Mity-Lite v. Dorel Juvenile Group
as 2:2017cv00053
Plaintiff: Mity-Lite
Defendant: Dorel Juvenile Group
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Orca Health v. 3D4Medical Limited et al
as 2:2017cv00005
Plaintiff: Orca Health
Defendant: 3D4Medical Limited, 3D4Medical, Jared Huish
Cause Of Action: Establishment of PTO
Position Logic v. Patent Licensing Alliance et al
as 2:2016cv01288
Plaintiff: Position Logic
Defendant: Patent Licensing Alliance, Patent Portfolio Management, Virtual Fleet Management
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Oldcastle et al v. Tukwadt Schwoomp LLC
as 2:2016cv01263
Plaintiff: Oldcastle , Oldcastle Materials , Staker & Parson
Defendant: Tukwadt Schwoomp LLC
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Snaprays v. Ontel Products Corporation et al
as 2:2016cv01198
Plaintiff: Snaprays
Defendant: Ontel Products Corporation , Telebrands Corporation , Ashok Khubani and others
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Puzhen Life USA v. Homedics
as 2:2016cv01184
Plaintiff: Puzhen Life USA
Defendant: Homedics
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement
Sundesa v. Fields Manufacturing
as 2:2016cv01125
Plaintiff: Sundesa
Defendant: Fields Manufacturing
Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement

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