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Prime/Park LaBrea Titleholder, LLC v. Starr DaSilva et al
as 2:2024cv01801
Plaintiff: Prime/Park LaBrea Titleholder, LLC
Defendant: Starr DaSilva and Tiffany DaSilva
Interested Party: Itzel Beltran
2231 W. Western LA, LLC v. Kayla Tumleson et al
as 2:2024cv01804
Plaintiff: 2231 W. Western LA, LLC
Defendant: Kayla Tumleson and Does 1 to 10, inclusive
4340 W. Adams, LLC v. Berta Yaneth Alvarado Flores et al
as 2:2024cv01815
Plaintiff: 4340 W. Adams, LLC
Defendant: Berta Yanet Alvarado Flores, Hector Mario Santiesteban Carreno, Eliseo Vargas and others
5178 West Pico LLC v. Jaeden Lanes et al
as 2:2024cv01806
Plaintiff: 5178 West Pico LLC
Defendant: Jaeden Lanes and Does 1 to 10
Essex Wilshire, L.P. v. Tenea Williams et al
as 8:2024cv00463
Plaintiff: Essex Wilshire, L.P.
Defendant: Tenea Williams, Bruno Moreno and Does 1 to 10 inclusive
Baldwin Apartments, LLC v. Jonathan Inocente Inocente et al
as 2:2024cv01762
Plaintiff: Baldwin Apartments, LLC
Defendant: Jonathan E. Inocente Inocente, Daniela P. Escobar and DOES 1 to 10
Interested Party: Fern Lowe
IRP Grace Apartments, LLC v. Chris Bakai
as 2:2024cv01702
Plaintiff: IRP Grace Apartments, LLC
Defendant: Chris Bakai
Interested Party: Briant Ballesteros
Tustin Village MHP Associates, LP v. Alvarez et al
as 8:2024cv00442
Plaintiff: Tustin Village MHP Associates, LP doing business as Tustin Village Mobile Home Park
Defendant: Gustavo Alvarez and DOES 1 to 5 inclusive
Highland Creek Associates v. Claudia M. Bica et al
as 8:2024cv00443
Plaintiff: Highland Creek Associates
Defendant: Claudia M. Bica, Amber Molina and Does 1 to 10
MDR L and M Apartments LLC v. Paparo
as 2:2024cv01627
Plaintiff: MDR L and M Apartments LLC
Defendant: Samantha Paparo

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