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526 S. LLC v. George Delgado et al
as 2:2023cv09984
Plaintiff: 526 S. LLC
Defendant: George Delgado, Richard Benson and Does 1 to 10
5245 Chesebro, LLC v. Keira Epps Lowery et al
as 2:2023cv09722
Plaintiff: 5245 Chesebro, LLC
Defendant: Keira Epps Lowery and Haley Lowery
Dunbar Village L.P. v. David D. Jones et al
as 2:2023cv09834
Plaintiff: Dunbar Village L.P.
Defendant: David D. Jones and Does 1 through 10, Inclusive
Sang Lee v. Jennifer Han et al
as 2:2023cv09828
Plaintiff: Sang Lee
Defendant: Jennifer Han, Does 1 to 10 and Su Noh
Madision-MF McCadden CA LLC v. Lydia Ward
as 2:2023cv09764
Plaintiff: Madision-MF McCadden CA LLC
Defendant: Lydia Ward
768 Ceres, LLC v. Katherine Taylor Kahn et al
as 2:2023cv09723
Plaintiff: 768 Ceres, LLC
Defendant: Katherine Taylor Kahn, Heather Lynn Ferguson, Juliana Medina and others
Jack Chau et al v. Rosario Galindo et al
as 2:2023cv09724
Plaintiff: Jack Chau and Shung Lui
Defendant: Rosario Galindo, Jaime Guijarro, Aldo Rivers and others
Equity Residential Management L.L.C v. Nayded Amparo et al
as 2:2023cv09633
Plaintiff: Equity Residential Management L.L.C
Defendant: Nayded Amparo, Luisa Torres and Does 1 through 10, Inclusive
Missouri and Bundy Housing L.P. v. Annette R.Ross et al
as 2:2023cv09620
Plaintiff: Missouri and Bundy Housing L.P.
Defendant: Annette R. Ross, Sofia Ramos and Does 1 thorugh 20, inclusive
Fresno Capital Fund LLC v. Veronica Nicole Reyes et al
as 2:2023cv09632
Plaintiff: Fresno Capital Fund LLC
Defendant: Veronica Nicole Reyes and DOES 1 to 10
Interested Party: Ryan Osborne

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