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Francis et al v. Apex USA Inc et al
as 5:2018cv00583
Plaintiff: Dorret Francis , Anthony Kennedy , Christine Pearce
Defendant: Apex USA Inc, Hotelmacher LLC, Sontag Inc and others
Cause Of Action: Fed. Question
Bedford et al v. Nowlin et al
as 6:2018cv00184
Plaintiff: William Scott Bedford , Ray H. Pace , Sondra N. Pace
Defendant: Mary Nowlin, Helen and Mary Nowlin Irrevocable Common Law Trust Dated February 28, 1927
Cause Of Action: Petition for Removal- Petition to Quiet Title
Shugart v. Conn Appliances Inc
as 5:2018cv00544
Plaintiff: Paul Shugart
Defendant: Conn Appliances Inc
Cause Of Action: Fed. Question
Bray v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
as 4:2018cv00294
Plaintiff: Amy Bray
Defendant: Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
Cause Of Action: Fair Debt Collection Act
Mayberry v. United States of America
as 6:2018cv00165
Plaintiff: Charles B. Mayberry
Defendant: United States of America
Cause Of Action: Disposition by Federal Agency as Prerequisite; Evidence
Gas Equities, Inc. v. Rice
as 4:2018cv00271
Plaintiff: Gas Equities, Inc.
Defendant: Jeremy Rice
Cause Of Action: (b) Civil Action to Protect Trade Secrets
Lexisnexis Risk Data Management Inc v. Taylor
as 5:2018cv00491
Plaintiff: Lexisnexis Risk Data Management Inc
Defendant: Korin Taylor
Cause Of Action: Civil Miscellaneous Case
Mathey Dearman, Inc. v. H&M Pipe Beveling Machine Co. et al
as 4:2018cv00250
Plaintiff: Mathey Dearman, Inc.
Defendant: H&M Pipe Beveling Machine Co. , Joshua Wilson , Brandon Boyd
Cause Of Action: (a) Injunction against Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
Little Land Company LP v. EOG Resources Inc
as 5:2018cv00448
Plaintiff: Little Land Company LP
Defendant: EOG Resources Inc
Cause Of Action: Civil Miscellaneous Case
United States of America v. Johnson et al
as 5:2018cv00417
Petitioner: United States of America
Respondent: Will Johnson, Red Plains Management LLC
Cause Of Action: Fair Housing Act

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