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Hart v. Spence, et al
as 3:2016cv02947
Plaintiff: Jeremie Hart
Defendant: XPO Logistics Truckload Inc , David Spence
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Auto Negligence
Alexander v. Newton et al
as 3:2016cv02865
Plaintiff: Alesia Alexander , Carl Alexander
Defendant: Lon Newton
Cause Of Action: Petition for Removal- Personal Injury
Case name Not on File
as 4:2016cv00915
Zimmerman v. United States Postal Service et al
as 4:2016cv00916
Plaintiff: Brenda Zimmerman
Defendant: United States Postal Service, United States
Cause Of Action: Tort Claim
Lopez v. Warren Transport Inc et al
as 3:2016cv02755
Plaintiff: Andrea M Lopez
Defendant: Warren Transport Inc , Sedzad Elkaz
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Tort/Motor Vehicle (P.I.)
Hoskins v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc et al
as 5:2016cv00214
Plaintiff: Garrett Hoskins
Defendant: Wal-Mart Stores Inc , Wal-Mart Stores Texas LLC
Cause Of Action: Petition for Removal- Tort/Motor Vehicle (
McDaniels v. Ross et al.
as 2:2016cv00194
Plaintiff: Brittany McDaniels
Defendant: Donovan Dewayne Ross, Werner Enterprises, Inc.
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Auto Negligence
Hargrove v. Olivas et al
as 3:2016cv02580
Plaintiff: Daniel Hargrove
Defendant: Erasmo Olivas , Point Dedicated Services LLC
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Personal Injury
Wade et al v. J and I LLC et al
as 4:2016cv00807
Plaintiff: Steven Wade , Alex Norris , Adam Norris and others
Defendant: J and I LLC , Jose Chaparro , Lundvall Enterprises, Inc.
Cause Of Action: P.I.- Auto Negligence
Peraza et al v. RJ Auto Motors, Inc. et al
as 1:2016cv00160
Plaintiff: Jose Peraza , Maribel Peraza , R. P. and others
Defendant: RJ Auto Motors, Inc., Juan Fernandez Madero
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Personal Injury

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