Brittian Young v. Arizona Department of Environm, et al
as 20-17217
Defendant / Appellee: CHARLES L. RYAN, Director for ADOC, CAMILLE D. BIBLES, U.S. District Judge, ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, Named as State of Arizona - Arizona Department of Corrections and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: BRITTIAN WILLIE YOUNG
Josiah English, III v. Theodore Campagnolo, et al
as 18-16258
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOSIAH ENGLISH III
Defendant - Appellee: THEODORE CAMPAGNOLO, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge in his individual and official capacity, TYLER KIPPER, #08151, Detective, Phoenix Police Department in his individual and official capacity, JOSEPH NEWBERN, #07390, Detective, Phoenix, Police Department in his individual and official capacity and others
Carol Carter, et al v. Kevin Washburn, et al
as 17-15839
Plaintiff - Appellant: CAROL COGHLAN CARTER, next friend of A.D., C.C., L..G. and C.R., minors next friend of A.D. next friend of C.C. next friend of L.G. next friend of C.R., UNKNOWN PARTY, named as S.H., a married couple, UNKNOWN PARTY, named as J.H., a married couple and others
Defendant - Appellee: KEVIN K. WASHBURN, Esquire, in his official capacity as Assistant Secretary of Bureau of Indian Affairs, SALLY JEWELL, in her official capacity as Secretary of Interior, United States Department of the Interior, GREGORY MCKAY, named as Gregory A. McKay, in his official capacity as Director of Arizona Department of Child Safety

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