Other Statutes Cases
Golden v. City of Longview
as 21-40664
Plaintiff / Appellant: Kevin Rashaan Golden
Defendant / Appellee: City of Longview, Public Works Division, Rolin McPhee, Director, City of Longview Public Works, Chi Ping Stephen Ha, Supervisor, Traffic Engineering Department and others
Pike v. Gregg County Sheriff's
as 21-40635
Plaintiff / Appellant: Sean David Pike
Defendant / Appellee: Gregg County Sheriff's Office, Maxey Cerliano, Jeff Callaway and others
Covey v. Gregg Cty Facil
as 20-40749
Defendant / Appellee: Maxey Cerliano, Greg Abbott, Donald Trump and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Gregory Scott Covey
Gregory Covey v. Gregg County Facility, et al
as 20-40392
Defendant / Appellee: MAXEY CERLIANO, GREGG ABBOTT, DONALD TRUMP and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: GREGORY SCOTT COVEY

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