Andre Hoskins v. United States Government, et al
as 16-35880
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANDRE HOSKINS
Defendant - Appellee: UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION, JOHN F. KERRY, Secretary of State, in the capacity of his person and others
Hoskins v. United States Government et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 2:2016cv01055
Plaintiff: Andre Hoskins
Defendant: United States Government, Federal Communications Commission, John Kerry and others
Cause Of Action: Copyright Infringement
West v. Seattle Port Commission et al
as 2:2014cv01518
Defendant: Stephanie Bowman , Tom Abro , Seattle Port Commission and others
Plaintiff: Arthur S West
Cause Of Action: Notice of Removal
as 3:2014cv05775
Defendant: Bill Bryant , Stephanie Bowman , Tom Abro and others
Plaintiff: Arthur S West
Cause Of Action: Petition for Removal
American Association of Airpor, et al v. TSA, et al
as 13-1297
Petitioner: American Association of Airport Executives, Airports Council International - North America, Broward County and others
Respondent: Transportation Security Administration, John S. Pistole, Administrator
Capurso v. Bank & Banking
as 12-2192
Plaintiff - Appellant: Victor Frederick Leo Capurso
Defendant: Wall Street, New York, The U.S. Stock Market & Land Use, Areas, & unauthorized, Land use, areas & disclosures, re: district, newspaper, 10/14/2011, 8/5/2011, &wall street journal the wall street journal & the new york almanac, the almanac of record, wall , Carleon Corporate Mercers or Acquisitions in United States, Post 1950, Since 1995 to current see the World Almanac and Book of Facts Year 2003, Pg 121, Eastern, States, Bank &Banking, Credit Card Association, Credit Cards, Rare, Laws, Regulations & Rules, in current & recent, , for past 1900 of, for 2000 of, since past 1900 of, since 1900 of, all named of and others
Defendant - Appellee: Washington Munial, Seattle, Washington, doing business in State of New York & in State of California in a being aquired by JP Morgan Chase Bank, since 2001, Congress of the United States, Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., doing business in States, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, & Utah, & Elsewhere, credit card purchases, interest rate, & minimum, payment, increase as of 11/20/2011 and others
FERC, et al v. Port of Seattle
as 08-70429
Kay, James A., v. FCC We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 04-1014
Appellant - Appellant: James A. Kay, Jr.
Appellee - Appellee: Federal Communications Commission
Intervenor For Petitioner: Port of Seattle, Washington

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