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Joaquin Foy v. United States, et al
as 14-3846
Petitioner - Appellant: Joaquin Irwin Foy
Respondent - Appellee: United States of America, Jett, Warden, B. R. Jett, Mr.
Darrel Wilber v. Dennis Dearing
as 14-3851
Petitioner - Appellant: Darrel Lee Wilber
Respondent - Appellee: Dennis Dearing, Chief Patent Counsel, Black & Decker Corp, or Dewalt Ind. Tool Corp.
Kai Brost v. State of Iowa
as 14-3838
Plaintiff - Appellant: Kai Brost
Defendant - Appellee: State of Iowa
Kelvin Settle v. C. Nickrenz
as 14-3840
Petitioner - Appellant: Kelvin Settle
Respondent - Appellee: C. Nickrenz
Jeffrey Golden v. Ray Hobbs
as 14-3829
Plaintiff - Appellant: Jeffrey Paul Golden
Defendant - Appellee: Ray Hobbs, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction
Michael Verburg v. Warden Willis
as 14-3824
Petitioner - Appellant: Michael Verburg
Respondent - Appellee: Warden Willis
Samuel Haley v. Anthony Haynes, et al
as 14-3815
Plaintiff - Appellant: Samuel E. Haley, Jr.
Defendant - Appellee: Anthony Haynes, Warden, United States of America, Government
William Clinch v. Ian Wallace
as 14-3817
Petitioner - Appellant: William P. Clinch
Respondent - Appellee: Ian Wallace, Warden
Craig Hunter v. Larry Denney
as 14-3814
Petitioner - Appellant: Craig D. Hunter
Respondent - Appellee: Larry Denney, Warden
William Cook v. Alan Earls
as 14-3810
Petitioner - Appellant: William Heith Cook
Respondent - Appellee: Alan Earls, Warden
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