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Emiliano Madrigal Sierra v. W L Montgomery
as 5:2015cv00333
Respondent: W L Montgomery
Petitioner: Emiliano Madrigal Sierra
Michael James Montes v. Jeffery A Beard
as 5:2015cv00330
Respondent: Jeffery A Beard
Petitioner: Michael James Montes
Judith Ramirez v. D K Johnson
as 2:2015cv01337
Respondent: D K Johnson
Petitioner: Judith Ramirez
Erick Alexander v. People of The State of California et al
as 2:2015cv01334
Petitioner: Erick Alexander
Respondent: People of The State of California, Tampkins
Gray v. Montgomery
as 8:2015cv00313
Petitioner: Darrell Martin Gray
Respondent: W. L. Montgomery
J B Oliver v. Warden
as 2:2015cv01335
Petitioner: J B Oliver
Respondent: Warden
Billy James Curry v. Sandra Alfaro
as 2:2015cv01309
Respondent: Sandra Alfaro
Petitioner: Billy James Curry
Jeffri Tyrone Roberts v. John N Katavich
as 5:2015cv00320
Respondent: John N Katavich
Petitioner: Jeffri Tyrone Roberts
Donnie Kay Sneed v. S Peery
as 2:2015cv01312
Respondent: S Peery
Petitioner: Donnie Kay Sneed
Jose Gelito Rodriguez v. Stu Sherman
as 2:2015cv01307
Petitioner: Jose Gelito Rodriguez
Respondent: Stu Sherman
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