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Johnson v. Spencer
as 17-8089
Lamb v. Norwood, et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 17-3171
Plaintiff - Appellant: MICHELLE RENEE LAMB, AKA Thomas Lamb
Defendant - Appellee: JOE NORWOOD, JOHNNIE GODDARD, PAUL CORBIER and others
Payton v. State of Kansas, et al
as 17-3107
Plaintiff - Appellant: WALTER PAYTON
Defendant - Appellee: STATE OF KANSAS, 18TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, JAMES FLEETWOOD, Chief Judge and others
Requena v. Sheridan, et al
as 17-3096
Petitioner - Appellant: ADRIAN M. REQUENA
Defendant - Appellee: G. SHERIDAN, CCII Unit Team, in his individual and official capacity, A. FLORY, Librarian, in her individual and official capacity, D. LANGFORD, Deputy Warden, in his individual and official capacity and others
Smith v. Whetsel, et al
as 17-6087
Plaintiff - Appellant: FRANKLIN C. SMITH
Defendant - Appellee: JOHN WHETSEL, Sheriff, Officially, COMMISSIONERS AND CITY OF OKLAHOMA POLICYMAKERS, pursuant to: Canton v Harris 489. US 378 (1989) as proper Defendants
Hernandez v. Berumen, et al
as 17-2055
Plaintiff - Appellant: JUAN HERNANDEZ
Defendant - Appellee: EDWARD BERUMEN, ROSLYN WALDEN, JASON DUCAN and others
Adams v. Martinez
as 17-1137
Plaintiff - Appellant: ERIC ADAMS
Defendant - Appellee: OFFICER MARTINEZ

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