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Miller v. Jones, et al
as 16-6254
Plaintiff - Appellant: MARCUS RUSELL MILLER
Defendant - Appellee: JUSTIN JONES, Director for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, MARK KNUTSON, Directors Designee, WARDEN MIKE MULLIN, Warden for the Jess Dunn Correctional Facility Oklahoma Department of corrections and others
United States v. Tinajero-Porras
as 16-6253
Plaintiff - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Hays v. Colvin
as 16-1341
Plaintiff - Appellant: KATRINA M. HAYS
Defendant - Appellee: CAROLYN W. COLVIN, Acting Commissioner of Social Security
Stine v. Samuels
as 16-1342
Plaintiff - Appellant: MIKEAL G. STINE
Defendant - Appellee: CHARLES E. SAMUELS, JR.
Williams, et al v. HSBC Bank USA, N.A., et al
as 16-3268
Defendant - Appellee: HSBC BANK USA, N.A., IRENE M. DORNER, SALVATORE ALFIERI and others
Lynn v. Peltzer, et al
as 16-3269
Plaintiff - Appellant: PATRICK C. LYNN
Defendant - Appellee: VALERIE PELTZER, TEDDY SCOTT, KATRINA JONES and others
Plaintiff v. Defendant
as 16-1340
Plaintiff - Appellant: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Defendant - Appellee: Plaintiff v. Defendant
In re: Gibson
as 16-5130
Petitioner: TRAVIS W. GIBSON
Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah, et al v. Lawrence, et al
as 16-4154
Plaintiff - Appellant: UTE INDIAN TRIBE OF THE UINTAH AND OURAY RESERVATION, a federally recognized Indian Tribe, and a federally chartered corporation, UINTAH AND OURAY TRIBAL BUSINESS COMMITTEE, Chairman of the Uintah and Ouray Tribal Business Committee, UTE ENERGY HOLDINGS, a Delaware LLC
Defendant - Appellee: HONORABLE BARRY G. LAWRENCE, District Judge, Utah Third Judicial District Court, in his Individual and Offical Capacities, LYNN D. BECKER
Kerkhoff v. Smith
as 16-4153
Plaintiff - Appellant: KEVIN LEE KERKHOFF
Defendant - Appellee: MICHAEL SMITH

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