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Cochise Shakur v. Warden
as 23-5258
Plaintiff / Appellant: Cochise Amari Shakur
Defendant / Appellee: Warden, FCI Petersburg
Ammar Al-Baluchi v. Lloyd Austin III
as 23-5251
Petitioner / Appellant: Ammar Al-Baluchi, also known as Ali Abdul Aziz Ali
Respondent / Appellee: Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin, III, Secretary of Defense, Commander, Joint Task Force, GTMO and others
Raymond Roseboro v. Warden
as 23-5247
Petitioner / Appellant: Raymond R. Roseboro
Respondent / Appellee: Warden, USP Yazoo City
Martin Akerman v. Sherri Doiron
as 23-5230
Plaintiff / Appellant: Martin Akerman
Defendant / Appellee: Sherri Doiron
Anthony Braxton v. Superior Court for the District of Columbia
as 23-7122
Petitioner / Appellant: Anthony Braxton
Defendant / Appellee: Superior Court for the District of Columbia
Anthony Braxton v. Superior Court of the District of Columbia
as 23-7102
Petitioner / Appellant: Anthony Braxton
Respondent / Appellee: Superior Court of the District of Columbia
Frank Garcia v. USA, et al
as 23-5151
Plaintiff / Appellant: Frank Nunez Garcia
Defendant / Appellee: United States of America, Phoenix Police Department and Jim Ahearn, FBI, Special Agent In-Charge
Lee Crayton v. Michael Feazell, et al
as 23-7081
Petitioner / Appellant: Lee Darrell Crayton
Respondent / Appellee: Michael Feazell, Senior: Warden, Kody Schur, Asst. Warden and Kamilah Coger, Asst. Warden
David Morgan v. USA
as 23-5112
Plaintiff / Appellant: David Brian Morgan
Defendant / Appellee: United States of America
Tavarres Henderson v. Joseph Biden, Jr.
as 23-5106
Petitioner / Appellant: Tavarres Henderson
Respondent / Appellee: Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Mr., President

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