U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

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Allan Schubert v. Lisa Nesbitt, et al
as 23-5016
Plaintiff / Appellant: Allan D. Schubert
Defendant / Appellee: Lisa Nesbitt, Michael Duggan and Scott S. Harris
Lamar Forbes v. Thomas Harker, et al
as 23-5012
Petitioner / Appellant: Lamar A. Forbes
Respondent / Appellee: Thomas W. Harker, Secretary of the Navy, Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the Navy and Randall Lamoureux, President, Naval Clemency and Parole Board
Stephen Edwards v. Charles Schwab Corporation, et al
as 23-5010
Plaintiff / Appellant: Stephen S. Edwards
Defendant / Appellee: The Charles Schwab Corporation and United States of America
Jaime Luevano v. Radio Show Satellites, et al
as 23-7003
Petitioner / Appellant: Jaime Luevano
Respondent / Appellee: Radio Show Satellites, Google, Devices and others
Turner Myer, III v. Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records
as 23-5001
Plaintiff / Appellant: Turner Myer, III
Defendant / Appellee: Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records
Anthony McNair v. Government of North Carolina, et al
as 22-7173
Plaintiff / Appellant: Anthony Lee McNair
Defendant / Appellee: Government of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, NC Governor and NC Attorney General
David Wattleton v. DOJ
as 22-5337
Plaintiff / Appellant: David Earl Wattleton
Defendant / Appellee: United States Department of Justice
Harry Nie v. Rebecca Beach Smith, et al
as 22-5326
Petitioner / Appellant: Harry Nie
Respondent / Appellee: Rebecca Beach Smith, Judge, Raymond A. Jackson, Judge, Douglas E. Miller, Judge and others
Allen Calton v. U.S. Supreme Court, et al
as 22-5298
Plaintiff / Appellant: Allen F. Calton
Defendant / Appellee: United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, Justice, Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Justice and others
Sur Green, III, et al v. State of Georgia, et al
as 22-7139
Plaintiff / Appellant: Sur Harry Green, III and Cynthia Sur Green, III
Defendant / Appellee: State of Georgia, "we" the people INC or LLC, Dooly County Sheriff, independent INC or LLC, John Shedd, Lt. "associates" INC or INC and others

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