U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

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Cases 21 - 30 of 669
Rozina Muthoka v. USA, et al
as 23-5298
Plaintiff: Rozina Kimani Muthoka, In Re Executer of; In her sovereign immunity capacity, also known as Rozina Rhonda Jones Williams
Defendant: United States of America, Union States, Missouri State and others
Timothy Young v. Merrick Garland, et al
as 23-5297
Plaintiff: Timothy Doyle Young
Defendant: Merrick B. Garland, Michael J. Horowitz, United States Department of Health and Human Services and others
Marquis Heard v. Scott Harris
as 23-5272
Plaintiff / Appellant: Marquis Deron Heard
Defendant / Appellee: Scott Harris, Official Capacity
James Nelson v. Florida Department of Correction, et al
as 23-7148
Plaintiff / Appellant: James Nelson
Defendant / Appellee: Florida Department of Correction and State of Florida
Gary Brown, III v. FBI
as 23-5244
Plaintiff / Appellant: Gary Sebastian Brown, III
Defendant / Appellee: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Eric Hill v. Peter Krauthamer
as 23-7125
Plaintiff / Appellant: Eric Rodney Hill
Defendant / Appellee: Peter A. Krauthamer
Anthony Braxton v. USA
as 23-5221
Plaintiff / Appellant: Anthony Braxton
Defendant / Appellee: United States of America
David Rudometkin, et al v. Lloyd Austin, III
as 23-5218
Plaintiff / Appellee: David J. Rudometkin, Corry P. Brooks and Robert L. Barnett, III, and others similarly situated
Plaintiff / Appellant: Alexander L. Driskill
Defendant / Appellee: Lloyd J. Austin, III, in his capacity as the Secretary of Defense
Timothy Young v. Merrick Garland, et al
as 23-5213
Plaintiff / Appellant: Timothy Doyle Young
Defendant / Appellee: Merrick B. Garland, U.S. Attorney General, Department of Health and Human Services, United States Department of Justice and others
James Nelson v. State of Florida, et al
as 23-7117
Plaintiff / Appellant: James Nelson
Defendant / Appellee: State of Florida and Florida Department of Corrections

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