U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

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Cases 31 - 40 of 2,189
Coley v. Garland
as 23-295
Plaintiff / Appellant: Khari Devon Coley
Defendant / Appellee: Correctional Officer W. Garland, Upstate Correctional Facility, Correctional Officer John Doe #1, Upstate Correctional Facility, Correctional Officer John Doe #2, Upstate Correctional Facility and others
Reeder v. Dennis
as 23-292
Plaintiff / Appellant: Ryan James Reeder
Defendant / Appellee: Detective Steven Vine and Investigator Michael Strohm
Defendant: Brian D. Dennis, A.D.A James B. Ritts and William J. Hart
Long v. Lain
as 23-267
Plaintiff / Appellant: Vincent S. Long
Defendant / Appellee: Major Matthew Whitmore, Captain Christopher Hand, Sheriff Joel Ordway, (reitred) and others
Tripathy v. McClowski
as 23-269
Plaintiff / Appellant: Sanjay Tripathy
Defendant / Appellee: Robert McClowski, Food Services Administrator, Fishkill, Sharon Frost, DS, Administration, Fishkill CF, George J. Dash, Father & Coordinating Chaplain, Fishkill CF and others
Defendant: Harris Reverend, Coordinating Chaplain, Gowanda, Anthony J. Annucci, Commissioner, DOCCS and Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
Glenn v. New York Police Deptartment
as 23-236
Plaintiff / Appellant: Gurley E. Glenn
Defendant / Appellee: New York Police Deptartment, NewYork Police Deptartment of Brooklyn and Six Police Officers of
Arrotta v. Ulster County Sheriff's Department/Employees
as 23-210
Plaintiff: Christopher Arrotta and Donovan Holliet, Jr.
Plaintiff / Appellant: Leon Peters
Defendant / Appellee: Ulster County Sheriff's Department, Employees, Ulster County Jail, Administration Employees, Glatt Kosher Foods, Meat Mart and others
Fowler v. Hummel
as 23-207
Plaintiff / Appellant: Joseph V. Fowler
Defendant / Appellee: Christian F. Hummel, County Court Judge, E. Stewart Jones Law Firm, A.D.A. John Doe, Assistant District Attorney and others
Phelps v. United States of America
as 23-205
Plaintiff / Appellant: Darryl Anthony Phelps
Defendant / Appellee: United States of America
Tutt v. Nassau County Sheriff's Department
as 23-192
Plaintiff / Appellant: Sean E. Tutt
Defendant / Appellee: Deputy Moody, #2432 and Deputy Grimaldi, #2922
Defendant: Nassau County Sheriff's Department, Nassau County Correctional Center and Sheriff Michael J. Sposato
Squire v. Suffolk County
as 23-198
Plaintiff / Appellant: Kashon Squire
Defendant / Appellee: County of Suffolk, Shaquaisor Brooks, Dule Latife, AKA Nane and others

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