U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

Civil Rights Cases, Dockets and Filings
Cases filed
Cases 61 - 70 of 6,162
Adams v. Human Resources
as 23-40048
Plaintiff / Appellant: Alex Adams
Defendant / Appellee: Human Resources, Coffield Unit, Office of Inspector General, ID 12599 Unit Grievance Investigator and others
Johnson v. Stocks
as 23-30059
Plaintiff / Appellant: Kareem Abdul Johnson
Defendant / Appellee: J. Stocks
Johnson v. Smith
as 23-30051
Plaintiff / Appellant: Kareem Abdul Johnson
Defendant / Appellee: Wayne Smith, Angela Harper, Officer Strawn and others
Epley v. Luong
as 23-40038
Plaintiff / Appellant: Charles E. Epley
Defendant / Appellee: Hien Luong, D.D.S., Dorace L. Bedard, P.M.H.N.P., Wanda T. Hilliard, A.P.R.N. and others
Garcia v. Lumpkin
as 23-40028
Plaintiff / Appellant: Vinicio J. Garcia
Defendant / Appellee: Bobby Lumpkin, Warden Townsend and Warden Marshall
Pacheco-Morales v. Lumpkin
as 23-40026
Plaintiff / Appellant: Hector Pacheco-Morales
Defendant / Appellee: Bobby Lumpkin and G. Miller
Leggett v. Shannon
as 23-10049
Plaintiff / Appellant: Paul Curtis Leggett
Defendant / Appellee: Joe Shannon, Former D.A., Harvey Ray Hall, Jr., Thomas A. Wilder, Clerk and others
Willis v. Howard
as 23-20014
Plaintiff / Appellant: Tommy Willis
Defendant / Appellee: Anthony Howard, Jr., Lieutenant, Neil Hinson, Lieutenant, Gabriel Mendoza, Sergeant and others
Bohannan v. Williams
as 23-40018
Plaintiff / Appellant: Michael Bohannan
Defendant / Appellee: Bryan Williams, TDCJ-CID Warden II, Anthony Newton, TDCJ-CID Warden I, Kevin Smith, TDCJ-CID Warden I and others
Danny Acosta v. Elderkin
as 23-50032
Plaintiff / Appellant: Danny Acosta
Defendant / Appellee: Officer FNU Elderkin, #1775, San Antonio Police Dept., Officer FNU Macias, #1914 San Antonio Police Dept., Officer FNU Mendoza, #1643 San Antonio Police Dept. and others

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