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MDR L and M Apartments LLC v. Paparo
as 2:2024cv01627
Plaintiff: MDR L and M Apartments LLC
Defendant: Samantha Paparo
United States of America v. Jonkey
as 5:2024cv00439
Plaintiff: United States of America
Defendant: Leslie Jonkey, Jr.
Cause Of Action: 28 U.S.C. § 1345 Trespass on Public Land
CMIF III Harvey, LLC v. George Argueta et al
as 2:2024cv01606
Plaintiff: CMIF III Harvey, LLC
Defendant: George Argueta, Perla Patricio and Does 1 to 10
Essex Portfolio, L.P. v. Ariuna Sukheeva
as 2:2024cv01509
Plaintiff: Essex Portfolio, L.P.
Defendant: Ariuna Sukheeva
Ernesto Corona v. Barbara Adams et al
as 2:2024cv01510
Plaintiff: Ernesto Corona
Defendant: Barbara Adams, Gina Marks and Does 1 to 10
4th and Main, LLC v. Daiquan S. Price et al
as 2:2024cv01370
Plaintiff: 4th and Main, LLC
Defendant: Daiquan S. Price and Denice Smith
FC Broadway and Hill, LLC v. Choon Kang et al
as 2:2024cv01349
Plaintiff: FC Broadway and Hill, LLC
Defendant: Choon Kang, Sang Kang and David Kang
Beau Hong et al v. Mario Donaldson et al
as 2:2024cv01354
Plaintiff: Beau Hong and Christopher Lam
Defendant: Mario Donaldson, Bobbie Donaldson and Does 1 to 25
Sinai Abrahami v. Demetri Nikolopoulos et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 2:2024cv01375
Plaintiff: Sinai Abrahami
Defendant: Demetri Nikolopoulos and Does 1 to 10
Cause Of Action: 28 U.S.C. § 1443 (1) Notice of Removal - Rent, Lease & Ejectment
1718 Las Palmas, LLC v. Bianca M. Smith et al
as 2:2024cv01369
Plaintiff: 1718 Las Palmas, LLC doing business as Archer Apartments
Defendant: Bianca M. Smith, Alvaro Bravo and Does 1 to 10

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