U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit Torts - Injury Cases

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Gabriele Kressly v. Oceania Cruises, Inc.
as 16-16889
Plaintiff - Appellant: GABRIELE KRESSLY
Defendant - Appellee: OCEANIA CRUISES, INC.
William Phillips v. Omnitrax Inc, et al
as 16-16913
Plaintiff - Appellant: WILLIAM PHILLIPS
Antoinette Dixon v. NYK Reefers Ltd., et al
as 16-16796
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANTOINETTE DIXON, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Robert L. Dixon, deceased
Defendant - Appellee: NYK REEFERS LTD., a foreign Corporation, COOL CARRIERS AB, a foreign corporation
Antoinette Pizzino v. NCL (Bahamas) Ltd.
as 16-16812
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANTOINETTE PIZZINO
Defendant - Appellee: NCL (BAHAMAS) LTD., a Bermuda Company, d.b.a. Norwegian Cruise Line
Neal Jacobson v. CVS Caremark Corp., et al
as 16-16792
Plaintiff - Appellant: NEAL M. JACOBSON
Defendant - Appellee: CVS CAREMARK CORP., C. P., Unknown Pharmacist, A. G., Unknown Pharmacist
Daniel Rosario-Gonzalez v. USA
as 16-16689
Plaintiff - Appellant: DANIEL ROSARIO-GONZALEZ
Defendant - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Kenneth Bullington v. M. Precise, et al
as 16-16715
Plaintiff - Appellee: KENNETH E. BULLINGTON
Defendant - Appellant: M. C. PRECISE, DMD, JON F. STRENGTH, DMD, DAVID N. STRENGTH, DMD and others
Celestine Thompson v. Charles Teebagy, et al
as 16-16583
Plaintiff - Appellant: CELESTINE G. THOMPSON
Defendant - Appellee: CHARLES TEEBAGY, M.D., Pompano Pediatrics, JAMES KNOTTER, Broward County School Board, ROBERT W. RUNCIE, Broward County School Board and others
Santana Johns v. CSX Transportation, Inc.
as 16-16604
Plaintiff - Appellant: SANTANA JOHNS, Individually and as the duly appointed Guardian of Robert Marcus Johns, an incapacitated adult
Defendant - Appellee: CSX TRANSPORTATION, INC.
Freddie Aponte v. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
as 16-16580
Plaintiff - Appellant: FREDDIE APONTE

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