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Bruce Phillips, Jr. v. Social Security Administration, et al
as 18-13378
Plaintiff - Appellant: BRUCE EDWARD PHILLIPS, JR.
Livia Scotto v. M. Dyer and Sons, et al
as 18-13151
Plaintiff - Appellant: LIVIA M. SCOTTO
Defendant - Appellee: M. DYER AND SONS, ALS ANA VINCI GROUP, BRICKELL BANK and others
Livia Scotto v. United States, et al
as 18-13150
Plaintiff - Appellant: LIVIA M. SCOTTO
Defendant - Appellee: UNITED STATES, and any and all entered into in this venue, MARY A. SCOTTO, ANGELA MARY ALBA and others
Steve Long v. East Coast Waffles, Inc.
as 18-12920
Plaintiff - Appellee: STEVE LONG
Defendant - Appellant: EAST COAST WAFFLES, INC.
Debra Bullard v. THR Georgia, L.P., et al
as 18-12830
Plaintiff - Appellant: DEBRA W. BULLARD
Defendant - Appellee: THR GEORGIA, L.P., 2014-3 IH BORROWER L.P., JOHN DOES 1-5
Edward Jablonski v. Christopher Martiin, et al
as 18-12631
Plaintiff - Appellant: EDWARD J. JABLONSKI
Defendant - Appellee: CHRISTOPHER W. MARTIIN, Attorney (TX Bar No. 13057620), TODD M. LONERGAN, Attorney (TX Bar No. 12513700), MARTIN, DISIERE, JEFFERSON & WISDOM and others
Kyle Hurst v. USA
as 18-12574
Plaintiff - Appellant: KYLE RAY HURST, Personal Representative of the Estate of Andrew James Hurst on behalf of the Estate of Andrew of James Hurst Deceased and the Statutory Wrongful Death Survivors of Andrew James Hurst
Defendant - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, acting by and through the Department of the Agriculture US Forest Service
Sandra McLaughlin v. SLD Atlanta West, LLC
as 18-12587
Plaintiff - Appellant: SANDRA MCLAUGHLIN
Defendant - Appellee: SLD ATLANTA WEST, LLC
Joseph Wilbur, Jr. v. USA
as 18-12148
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOSEPH WILBUR, JR.
Defendant - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Al-Rufus Anderson v. Emory Transplant Clinic, et al
as 18-12046
Plaintiff - Appellant: AL-RUFUS ANDERSON
Defendant - Appellee: EMORY TRANSPLANT CLINIC, DAVITA DIALYSIS, MARK KEIFER, Social Worker at DaVita Dialysis and others

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