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Paskowitz v. Prospect Capital Management L.
as 17-510
Plaintiff - Appellant: Susan Paskowitz
Defendant - Appellee: Prospect Capital Management L.P., Prospect Administration LLC
In Re: Kingate Management
as 16-3450
Plaintiff - Appellant: Criterium Capital Funds B.V., BBF Trust, Wall Street Securities, S.A. and others
Defendant - Appellee: Kingate Management Limited, Tremont (Bermuda) Limited, FIM Advisers LLP and others
Defendant: Bernard L. Madoff, Phillip A. Evans, Margaret Every and others
Brautigam v. Rubin
as 14-3885
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael G. Brautigam, an Individual
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellee: Timothy C. Collins
Defendant - Appellee: Robert E. Rubin, C. Michael Armstrong, John M. Deutch and others
In re: JPMorgan Chase & Co
as 14-3245
Plaintiff: James Baker, Derivately on behalf of JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Plaintiff - Appellant: Wayne County Employees Retirement System
Defendant - Appellee: James S. Dimon, James A. Bell, Crandall C. Bowles and others
Campbell v. Yu
as 14-2511
Plaintiff - Appellant: John C. Campbell, Derivatively on Behalf of New Energy Systems Group, Basil Malouf, Derivatively on Behalf of New Energy Systems Group, Baseem Malouf, Derivatively on Behalf of New Energy Systems Group
Defendant - Appellee: Weihe Yu, Junfeng Chen, Shuxian Cui and others
Matsumura v. Benihana National Corporation
as 14-1535
Plaintiff - Appellant: Mei Ping (Barbara) Matsumura, Carl Milner, as trustee of the Trust U/W/O Arthur Cutler
Defendant: Darwin Dornbush
Defendant - Appellee: Benihana National Corporation, Haru Holding Corporation
Espinoza v. Dimon
as 14-1754
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ernesto Espinoza, Derivatively on Behalf of JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Defendant: William H. Gray, III
Defendant - Appellee: James Dimon, Douglas L. Braunstein, Michael J. Cavanagh and others
Levitt v. J.P. Morgan Securities, Inc.
as 14-1225
Plaintiff: Robert Rice, Stephen Strobehn, Stanley Veltkamp and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: Robert Levitt, for himself and as custodian for Richard Levitt and Monica Levitt, Stephen G. Siben, Philip C. Vitanza, for himself, Elizabeth Vitanza, and Luke Vitanza and others
Third-Party-Defendant: Randolph Pace, Alan Novich, Adam R. Lieberman and others
Defendant - Appellee: J.P. Morgan Securities, Inc., J.P. Morgan Clearing Corp.
Trikona Advisers Limited v. Chugh We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 14-975
Plaintiff: Asia Pacific Investments LTD
Plaintiff - Appellant: Trikona Advisers Limited
Defendant: RC Family Trust, Byte Consulting Inc
Defendant - Appellee: Peak XV Capital Advisers LLC, Peak XV Capital LLC, Peak XV GP LLC and others
In Re: Bank of America Corp. S
as 13-4469
Plaintiff: Public Pension Funds, The Public Pension Fund Group, Steven J. Sklar, as (IRA Account Beneficiary), on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: KERS & Co.
Defendant - Appellee: Bank of America Corp., Gary A. Carlin, Nelson Chai and others

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