U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Bankruptcy Cases

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In Re: Sheri Speer
as 17-1447
Appellant: Sheri Speer
Appellee: Seaport Capital Partners
In Re: Speer
as 17-1444
Appellant: Sheri Speer
Appellee: Seaport Capital Partners
In Re: Hoti Enterprises, L.P.
as 17-1415
Appellant: Hoti Enterprises, L.P.
Appellee: Esq. Robert L. Rattet, James B. Gluckman, Rattet Pasternak, LLP, Rattet Pasternak & Gordon-Oliver, LLP
In re: Matthew N. Murray
as 17-1272
Debtor: In re: Matthew N. Murray
Creditor - Appellant: Wilk Auslander LLP
Debtor - Appellee: Matthew N. Murray
In re: Everton Sterling
as 17-1241
Debtor: In re: Everton Aloysius Sterling
Plaintiff - Appellant: Everton Aloysius Sterling
Defendant - Appellee: Yann Geron
Owad v. Zweben
as 17-1207
Appellant: Christine A. Owad
Trustee: William M. McCarthy
Appellee: Andrew Zweben, Court Appointed Receiver
In Re: PBS Foods, LLC
as 17-1168
Creditor - Appellant: 1032-1034 Lexington Avenue, Ltd.
Debtor - Appellee: Holding Capital Group, Inc., FP Holdings, LLC, Yann Geron, as Chapter 7 Trustee of the Estate of PBS Foods, LLC d/b/a Payard Patisserie & Bistro
In re: TerreStar Corporation
as 17-1117
Debtor: In re: TerreStar Corporation
Appellant: Aldo Ismael Perez
Debtor - Appellee: TerreStar Corporation
In Re: Joshua Simon Margulies
as 17-1073
Plaintiff: Dennis Hough
Debtor - Appellant: Joshua Simon Margulies
Creditor - Appellee: USAA Casualty Insurance Company
In re: Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation
as 17-1032
Debtor: In re: Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation
Plaintiff - Appellee: Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation
Defendant: Nordheim Eagle Ford Gathering, LLC
Defendant - Appellant: HPIP Gonzales Holdings, LLC

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