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Burton v. Burton
as 16-4054
Appellant: Pierre Burton
Appellee: Frank Burton, Catherine Burton
In re: Polverari
as 16-3797
Debtor: In re: David Polverari
Appellant: Ditech Financial LLC, FKA Green Tree Servicing, LLC
Appellee: David Polverari, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Successor by merger to Wells Fargo Bank Southwest, N.A., FKA Wachovia Mortgage, FSB, FKA World Savings Bank, FSB
In Re: Lehman Brothers Inc.
as 16-3666
Appellant: Paul Acerra, Maria Anagnostopoulos, Craig O. Benson and others
Appellee: Lehman Brothers Inc., James W. Giddens, as Trustee for the SIPA Liquidation of Lehman Brothers Inc.
In re: Congregation Birchos Yo
as 16-3620
Debtor: In re: Congregation Birchos Yosef
Appellant: Bais Din of Mechon L'Hoyroa
Debtor - Appellee: Congregation Birchos Yosef
In re: Residential Capital, LLC
as 16-3552
Debtor: In re: Residential Capital, LLC
Plaintiff - Appellee: ResCap Liquidating Trust
Defendant: PHH Mortgage Corporation, Honor Bank, Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company Inc.
Defendant - Appellant: Decision One Mortgage Company, LLC
In re: Residential Capital, LLC
as 16-3438
Debtor: In re: Residential Capital, LLC
Plaintiff - Appellant: Erlinda Abibas Aniel
Defendant - Appellee: ResCap Liquidating Trust
In re: Charles
as 16-3388
Debtor: In re: Margarette Charles
Debtor - Appellant: Margarette Charles
Appellee: US Bank Natl Assn, Not in its individual capacity, but soley as legal title Trustee for LVS Trust I
In Re: Washington
as 16-3255
Appellant: Basil C. Washington, Annette L. Washington
Appellee: Nationstar Mortgage LLC
In Re: Thomas Heavey
as 16-3227
Debtor: In re: Thomas R. Heavey
Appellant-Cross-Appellee: John S. Pereira, as chapter 7 trustee for the Estate of Thomas R. Heavey
Appellee-Cross-Appellant: 397 Realty LLC
In Re:Residential Capital, LLC
as 16-3157
Debtor: In re: Residential Capital, LLC
Appellant: Philip Emiabata, Sylvia Emiabata
Debtor - Appellee: ResCap Borrower Claims Trust

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