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Philips Smith v. Scott Frakes
as 16-4342
Petitioner - Appellant: Philips F. Smith
Respondent - Appellee: Scott Frakes
Andrew Sapien v. Michael Bowersox
as 16-4333
Petitioner - Appellant: Andrew Sapien
Respondent - Appellee: Michael Bowersox, Warden
Dennis Jackson v. Scott Frakes
as 16-4344
Petitioner - Appellant: Dennis C. Jackson
Respondent - Appellee: Scott Frakes, Director
Jeremy Pinson v. Linda Sanders
as 16-4323
Petitioner - Appellant: Jeremy Pinson
Respondent - Appellee: Linda Sanders, Warden
Jeremy Pinson v. Linda Sanders
as 16-4324
Petitioner - Appellant: Jeremy Pinson
Respondent - Appellee: Linda Sanders, Warden
Ronald Ray Corder v. Robert Dooley, et al
as 16-4325
Petitioner - Appellant: Ronald Ray Corder
Respondent - Appellee: Robert Dooley, also known as Bob, The Attorney General of the State of South Dakota
Sanchez Torello v. Jay Cassady, et al
as 16-4287
Petitioner - Appellant: Sanchez Torello
Respondent - Appellee: Jay Cassady, Chris Koster
Dellemond Cunningham v. Wendy Kelley
as 16-4278
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dellemond Cunningham
Defendant - Appellee: Wendy Kelley, originally named Wendy Kelly
Melvin Tyler v. State of Missouri
as 16-4269
Petitioner - Appellant: Melvin Leroy Tyler
Respondent - Appellee: State of Missouri
Byron Ewing v. Terry Russell, et al
as 16-4249
Petitioner - Appellant: Byron Ewing
Respondent - Appellee: Terry Russell, Troy Steele

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