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Darryl Washington v. Nick Ludwick
as 16-3984
Plaintiff - Appellant: Darryl Kenyata Washington
Defendant - Appellee: Nick Ludwick
Nathan G. DuBray v. Chad Pringle
as 16-3978
Petitioner - Appellant: Nathan G. DuBray
Respondent - Appellee: Chad Pringle, Warden
Gatdet Chuol v. Scott Frakes, et al
as 16-3965
Petitioner - Appellant: Gatdet G. Chuol
Respondent - Appellee: Scott Frakes, Director, Fred Britten, Warden
Kendall Nicholson v. Wendy Kelley, et al
as 16-3937
Plaintiff - Appellant: Kendall C. Nicholson
Defendant - Appellee: Wendy Kelley, Director, Arkansas Department of Corrections, Gaylon Lay, Warden, Cummins Unit
Dominic McPeak v. David Eberhard, et al
as 16-3943
Petitioner - Appellant: Dominic Anthony McPeak
Respondent - Appellee: David B. Eberhard, In his Official Capacity as Director of the Arkansas Department of Community Correction, Crystal Williams, In her Official Capacity as a Probation Officer for the Arkansas Department of Community Correction, Shelia Sharp, Director Arkansas Department of Community Correction
Jessie Hill v. Wendy Kelley
as 16-3931
Petitioner - Appellant: Jessie Hill
Respondent - Appellee: Wendy Kelley, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction
James Bryant v. Scott Lawrence
as 16-3922
Petitioner - Appellant: James Bryant
Respondent: Ian Wallace
Respondent - Appellee: Scott Lawrence
Mack Calhoun v. Larry Denney
as 16-3920
Petitioner - Appellant: Mack Calhoun
Respondent - Appellee: Warden Larry Denney
Michael Whipple v. Nancy Johnston, et al
as 16-3912
Petitioner - Appellant: Michael R. Whipple
Respondent - Appellee: Nancy Johnston, Lori Swanson
Dwight Stulken v. Darin Young
as 16-3878
Petitioner - Appellant: Dwight Stulken
Respondent - Appellee: Darin Young, Warden of the South Dakota State Penitentiary and Authorized Person Having Custody of Petitioner

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