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Louis Hardison v. Trent Gold, et al
as 16-3662
Plaintiff - Appellant: Louis A. Hardison
Defendant: Jacob R. Skouby, Jr., Newton County Prosecuting Attorney, Christopher Endicott, Black Water Gun Shop Owner, David McCracken, Retired Neosho Chief of Police and others
Defendant - Appellee: Trent Gold, Neosho Police Officer, Bradley Fienne, Neosho Police Officer
Tommy Finley v. Troy Steele, et al
as 16-3643
Plaintiff - Appellant: Tommy L. Finley
Defendant - Appellee: Troy Steele, Warden, ERDCC, Emmett M. O'Brien, Steven H. Goldman, Judges, 21st Circuit Court of St. Louis County and others
Vearnest McClellan v. Scott County Jail, et al
as 16-3637
Plaintiff - Appellant: Vearnest Papoose McClellan
Defendant - Appellee: Scott County Jail, Predo, Kitchen Supervisor, Trish Doe, Medical Department
Abel Hopkins v. Justine Delmuro, et al
as 16-3634
Plaintiff - Appellant: Abel J. Hopkins
Defendant - Appellee: Justine E. Delmuro, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge, Trisha Lacey, Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney, David A. Suroff, Jackson County Public Defender and others
Lawrence Edwards v. Tom Villmer, et al
as 16-3623
Petitioner - Appellant: Lawrence Martin Edwards
Defendant - Appellee: Tom Villmer, Warden, Individually and Official Capacity, Bill Bowyer, Associate Warden, Individually and Official Capacity, Julie Smith, CCM II, Individually and Official Capacity and others
Defendant: Wendy Dashner, Individually and Official Capacity, Tom Baxley, CCM II, Individually and Official Capacity, Terry Snow, COI, Individually and Official Capacity and others
Richard Perales v. United States, et al
as 16-3529
Plaintiff - Appellant: Richard Perales
Defendant - Appellee: United States, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Loretta E. Lynch and others
Kerwin Scott v. Tina Coffman, et al
as 16-3347
Plaintiff - Appellant: Kerwin D. Scott
Defendant: Jerry W. Morgan, Correctional Officer, ERDCC, Individually, Ryan Weber, Correctional Officer, ERDCC, Individually, Terry Russell, Correctional Officer, ERDCC, Individually and others
Defendant - Appellee: Tina Coffman, Nurse, ERDCC, Individually, Dr. David Mullen, Medical Doctor, ERDCC, Individually, Shanta Pribble, Nurse, ERDCC, Individually
Thomas Kinter v. Robert Dooley, et al
as 16-3333
Plaintiff - Appellant: Thomas Kinter
Defendant - Appellee: Robert Dooley, Director of Prison Operations, Darren Young, Warden, SDSP, Troy Ponto, Associate Warden, Jameson Annex and others
Harold Williams v. Mary Benson, et al
as 16-3326
Plaintiff - Appellant: Harold D. Williams
Defendant - Appellee: Mary Benson, Stephen Veit, MD, Brad Wittrock, Acting Superintendent
Ernest Friar, Jr. v. Jackson County Sheriff Dept., et al
as 16-3322
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ernest Tyrell Friar, Jr.
Defendant - Appellee: Jackson County Sheriff Department, Wrightsville Unit, Arkansas Department of Correction, Ouachita River Correctional Unit, Arkansas Department of Correction

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