US District Court for the Southern District of Iowa Labor Cases

Fair Labor Standards Act Cases, Dockets and Filings
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Howell v. Iowa PBS et al
as 4:2020cv00140
Defendant: Iowa PBS, David Miller
Plaintiff: Delaney Howell
Cause Of Action: Equal Pay Act
United States Department of Labor v Top Job Services, al.,
as 4:2020cv00103
Plaintiff: United States Department of Labor
Defendant: Top Job Services, Inc., Richard Reese
Cause Of Action: FLSA: Enjoin Violations of Fair Labor Standards Act
Boyle v. Wayne Peterson Enterprises et al
as 4:2020cv00101
Plaintiff: Kelsey Boyle
Defendant: Wayne Peterson Enterprises, Wayne Peterson
United States Department of Labor v. Ja-Ra, Inc.
as 4:2020cv00064
Plaintiff: United States Department of Labor
Defendant: Ja-Ra, Inc.
Cause Of Action: Fair Labor Standards Act
Collier v. Boggs Properties, L.L.C. et al
as 4:2019cv00378
Defendant: Amy S. Boggs, William F. Boggs, Jr., Boggs Properties, L.L.C.
Plaintiff: Jeremy A. Collier
Myers et al v. Iowa Board of Regents
as 3:2019cv00081
Plaintiff: Shuna Tosa, Melinda Myers, John Eivins and others
Defendant: Iowa Board of Regents
Cause Of Action: Fair Labor Standards Act
Secretary of Labor v. RLKM, Inc. et al
as 1:2019cv00030
Defendant: Raymond White, RLKM, Inc.
Plaintiff: Secretary of Labor, U.S. Department of Labor
Cause Of Action: Fair Labor Standards Act
Turner v Midwest Hospitality, LLC
as 4:2019cv00306
Defendant: Midwest Hospitality, LLC,, Midwest Hospitality Investments LLC
Plaintiff: Cierra Turner
Embry v 4745 Second Ave, LTD., et al
as 4:2019cv00305
Defendant: Vaunetta Washington, 4745 Second Ave. LTD.,
Plaintiff: Mary Embry
Campbell v. Hoyt Sherman Place Foundation
as 4:2019cv00291
Plaintiff: Brian C. Campbell
Defendant: Hoyt Sherman Place Foundation

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