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Velasquez v. Colvin
as 2:2016cv07227
Defendant: Carolyn W Colvin
Plaintiff: Rachel Velasquez
Urbina v. Social Security Administration
as 8:2016cv01783
Defendant: Social Security Administration
Plaintiff: Christopher Urbina
George Arreola v. Carolyn W. Colvin
as 2:2016cv07224
Plaintiff: George Arreola
Defendant: Carolyn W. Colvin
Gilreath v. Colvin
as 5:2016cv02037
Defendant: Carolyn W. Colvin
Plaintiff: Consuella Lewis Gilreath
De Ramirez v. Colvin
as 5:2016cv02035
Defendant: Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin
Plaintiff: Angelica M. Torres Herna De Ramirez
as 5:2016cv02027
Kinnsch v. Colvin
as 2:2016cv07092
Defendant: Carolyn W Colvin
Plaintiff: Brant Eugene Kinnsch
Linda Seier v. Commissioner of Social Security Administration
as 8:2016cv01746
Plaintiff: Ms. Linda Seier
Defendant: Social Security Administration
Thomas Batinich v. Commissioner of Social Security Administration
as 5:2016cv02004
Plaintiff: Mr. Thomas Batinich
Defendant: Social Security Administration

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